OPENING DAY IS FINALLY HERE! 😀 Hey Everyone! Welcome to animated! A blog that is all about all things animated! After taking a break from blogging about my Disney College Program experience, I’m super excited to be back blogging! The thing I love about this particular blog is, their are no limits of what to talk about! Anything animated goes! From characters, shows, animes, video games, mangas, books, movies, and more! I hope the blog becomes a place for you to come to enjoy time with characters of all kinds, and really have animated become a community of great people with all different sorts of interests. So rather than write about what you can expect from the blog, I wanted to give you guys a better feel for what animated truly is! So I compiled a little video like the sneak peek video to show you animates just what great things are to come on animated! I hope you enjoy!


YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr2PnoNJXE_bgvVUKlVO_-g

Twitter: @animated

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