HEY YOU! You’re Awesome!

Hey Everyone! So a little bit of a different post here! Hope you guys enjoy it!



Yea that’s right you! It’s the middle of the week and at this time stress levels are probably high. However, what ever your going through, animated just wanted to remind you, YOU’RE AWESOME!


Now, now, no need to be alarmed or embarrassed. I myself am a bit stressed out half way through this busy week. So why not stop for a second, refresh a little, and be reminded that you are awesome!


Sometimes we’re dealt with a hand we think is bad. Lost in the confusion we get stressed out on things and we sometimes blame ourselves. I know for sure I do when I’m in a bad mood. We may not be able to change our hand, however we can chose how we play our hand!


Sometimes we also feel like no ones cheering for us. Fan club for one! So sometimes in these stressful times we get a little lonely, which just adds on to this stress. However, you aren’t the only one cheering for you!


No matter if you believe it or not theirs always someone cheering you on! Willing to lend a hand if you ever need it! Even if its here on animated! Know animated is also cheering you on and hoping for the best! Better start making some space in that fan club!


Like I said in the beginning, YOU’RE AWESOME! We all have great power inside us to do great things! No matter if you believe it or not, you’ve got the power to do what you set your mind to! With people cheering you on, it’s also important to cheer on yourself! That way the power is at full potential!


With that stress now out of the way, people backing you and cheering you on, and empowering yourself; your now determined to set out on your goals! Don’t forget this determination even when the stress returns, because it will.


When that stress returns remember, you’ve got a goal. A goal you’re going to strive for no matter who or what gets in the way. Whether impossible or possible it doesn’t matter. The goal will be achieved!


On your way to your goal always remember to enjoy to the little detours! They tend to keep stress away and it makes the journey of reaching your goal that much greater!


Aw no need to get teary eyed or blush! GO OUT THERE AND GET’EM! You’ve got people behind you cheering you on to reach your goal! BECAUSE HEY YOU, YOU ARE AWESOME!


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