Motivation: Anime Edition!

Hey animators! Like I mentioned yesterday, today on the blog I’m sharing the quotes from animes I like to think about whenever I’m a little down or going through something! Hopefully also, if anyone reading is down or going through something, it helps motivate you as well! If your all smiles today then read it anyway, it’ll keep the smile on or make it even bigger! πŸ˜€


Sometimes things just seem scary at time. I’ve always been confused about why fear even exists. Soul Eater gave me a nice perspective on fear. It’s true, we need fear in order to grow stronger. Without facing our fears we can’t help ourselves grow. So don’t worry about being fearful! Especially if your like me and your someone who is scared of making mistakes. Don’t fear mistakes, learn from them! I even fear little things like if my Good Morning tweet was good or dumb. However, fear helps us gain experiences, and through it we ultimately come out stronger!


This one comes out a lot when I’m work or before a test in school. Sometimes your just so clustered or confused in things that your wondering. “How the heck is this even possible?” This quote always pumps me up! “You shouldn’t underestimate humans.” Your a human right? (Hey if your not, just pretend for a second! :)) SO DON’T UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELF! Get refocused with this quote and get right back into it!


YUP! A lot of times if I’m heated and want to get a point across, I usually say something stupid or something regretful. Truly in some situations, silence is the best answer. I wouldn’t say it’s always the answer, but it is sometimes overlooked. Actions can speak louder then words, so sometimes resorting to silence is the best answer!


This one take with a grain of salt, don’t actually literally throw something away! I like to reword this quote a little as ” People who can’t change something important can never hope to change anything.” It goes back to the first quote about fear. Sometimes we need to be motivated to step out of our comfort zone. Sometimes we’re down because we can’t find that motivation to get out of it. Just remind yourself, stepping out of comfort zone is good when wanting to change something.


Yea their definitely those day were sometimes you just sit back and think, “What wrong with the world today?” We’ve got to face it, the world is far from perfect. However, like Mustang says, its there for us everyday trying! Your absolutely right in asking whats wrong with it, but we take for granted it’s there for us everyday. The best we can do is try our best everyday! That’s what will make the world a beautiful place!


ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES! If you’ve got a goal but you keep thinking your going through a lot of detours to get to that goal; this quote will fit you perfectly! It’s true we all have goals and want to achieve our goals. However, what’s important believe it or not is the small detours between the start and finish line. At the finish line you’ll look back at those detours as not detours but lucky experiences. The journey is half the fun!


PROBABLY MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! It’s short, simple, and easy to remember. BELIEVE IN THE ME WHO BELIEVES IN YOU! Whenever going through a tough time or stressed out, remember the short quote. It’s an easy thing to repeat whenever your feeling down! It’s honestly my go to quote whenever I’m feeling troubled!

Hopefully again if your going through anything this helped a little! It probably didn’t solve the problem but hopefully it helped clear your head! Get some positive thoughts going!Β  Hopefully it helped! πŸ˜€

That’s all for this sketch! Have an animated evening animators! XD



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