3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge: DAY 2 QUOTE!


Hey animators! Long time no talk! It’s Day 2 of our quote challenge, which means another quote coming your way tonight! I had a lot in mind, but I found a particular one on my phone I had saved for a while. It’s a little long of a quote, but for the challenge I wanted to share quotes I haven’t already shared here on the blog yet. Since this one hasn’t come up on the blog yet, here is the Day 2 quote for the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge!

“We all want the great things in life. No one wants the misery or the clouds that hover over us bringing gloom. However, it takes hard times to really know what we want in life. It takes the bad stuff to happen to us so we really fight for the things that we really want in our lives. Remember, a diamond is formed out of pressure from the earths core. A diamond begins 80 to 100 miles underground before anyone ever finds it. It to has to deal with not discovering its brilliance till later in its existence. So let the cold, rainy, or difficult days come. Your sunny days are awaiting to shine brightly down on you.”

Usually quotes that I like aren’t very wordy with the exception of this one. I was thinking of cutting out the part with the diamond, but I think it makes a nice example.

We all want to to be happy! Nobody wants to have bad days! I know I hate days that seem like a never ending spiral of bad luck. I must say though, these days truly test how much you want something. Some times we need a little bit of rain. Everybody every once in a while has a rainy day. It’s about realizing today is a rainy day, getting out that umbrella, walking in the rain doing your best to stay dry, and making it through to see the sun shine after the storm!

That’s all for this sketch! Have an animated night animators! 😀

Whatever day you may be having, rain or shine, know you have someone here cheering you on! 😉



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