Infinity Dreams Award!


Hey Animators! thelimitlessimagination has nominated for the Infinity Dreams Award! Thanks for the nomination! It is always greatly appreciated! 🙂 Definitely check out their blog that has lots of great content! (Especially the sale pitches for sports anime!)  This is the first time I’ve been nominated for this award, so I’ve been excited to get writing about the award!  So let’s get to it!

Dreams have always been a big thing for me. I don’t think the word dream, (although dictionaries will tell me otherwise) has a concrete definition. It’s defined on how your life experiences have helped you define the word. Someone may see a dream as a wish, while another as a goal, or another as a definition for a good nights sleep. Their isn’t a right or wrong definition. The great thing about dreams is, they are whatever you seek them to be. I like to think of dreams, big and small, as motivations. Like one of my favorite quotes states, “Behind us are memories, Beside us are friends, Before us are dreams.” Though sometimes they may change, we always have dreams to keep motivating us forward. Some stay with us through our early years and some develop as we experience life. Some of my dreams I’ve had since I was small, and still are some of my greatest motivators today. Here are seven dreams of mine! 🙂

1. Get a Degree in Engineering:

For a long time now I’ve wanted to become an engineer. I’ve always been interested by how things work.  That was until, I was actually taking classes for engineering. That’s when reality smacks you harder than a calculus 2 text book. (Trust me, those things hurt.) (MAKA-CHOP) The reality was this wasn’t going to be a cake-walk. For a little I thought of changing to something different. However, something has always kept me on track on the engineering path no matter what obstacle (or flying textbook) came in the way. The dream is close to a reality, but it continues to motivate still today!

2. Create an Animated Character:

So yes engineering has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was little. Like I said though, new dreams develop as we live on. I’ve grown a real passion for animation. Hence, the name of the blog. It doesn’t have to be a particular genre or art style. I just really enjoy animation. The freedom to create a character that can connect in so many ways to so many people is awesome!

3. Make a Difference Doing Something I Love:

Closest comparison I can give this dream is when YouTubers do charity live-streams. If you don’t know, sometimes YouTubers set a certain date that they’ll be streaming on Twitch for a particular amount of time. During this time the YouTuber usually plays a bunch of games and interacts with fans. What is also going on? Their is usually a charity associated with the live-stream so people who are watching can donate money to the charity. Being able to play games and interact with people while raising money for charity? That’s awesome! It’s great to raise money for an awesome cause, but when you can do it while doing something your passionate for, it makes it like living a dream.

4. Becoming a Better Blogger

This ones a little more of a motivational thing than a dream. I think the proudest thing I am of the blog is that, when you read the first posts and then read the latest posts, you see improvement. Being around only almost eight months, I’m still new to blogging. Sure I’ve technically been blogging for almost a year now (if you count my first blog), but my first blog was mainly for friends to see how I was doing on my Disney Program. Whether they’ve been small improvements or changes, it’s been awesome to see them. I hope to keep trying to improve to become a better blogger. Being a better blogger for me means, continuing to improve content, come up with more ideas for the blog, try new things whether they turn out to be successful or fail, continue to find strength and weaknesses, and overall be more interactive in the blogging community.

5. Becoming a Better Person

Again, a little more of goal than a dream for this one. Just keeping a positive outlook on things, have healthy relationships with people, and ultimately be happy. 😀

6. Working for Disney Parks

I got a small taste of working at Disney during my program with them. My dream is to go back and work for them once a degree is achieved. I had some of greatest times over there and made awesome memories. It motivates me to continue working hard to get back over there!

7. Imagineering

So I’d say like the top dream I have is to become a Disney Imagineer. Being able to help create rides is awesome, but it’s not really what imagineering is about. Sure, helping to create rides is an awesome part of job. However, it’s about creating rides that help create memories for other people that makes the job a dream job. You help create you of the greatest memories for people of ages from everywhere around the globe. Sure, your not directly making the memories. However, walking around the park seeing people having a great time knowing you had a little help in it, that’s an awesome day at work! XD


Here’s some awesome blogs I want to nominate for the award! Get dreaming! 🙂

Marvelously Mismatched


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Thanks again to thelimitlessimagination for the nomination! 😀

That’s all for this sketch! Have a great day animators! 😉



  1. Engineering is a pretty difficult subject, but I admire your effort in it.

    So like I am curious, what is your favorite Disney character if you have one?

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