Howdy Animators! I want to thank Sindyblue10 for the tag! Thank you, and sorry for the wait!

Here the rules for the #GSList:

  • Make a list of the 10 things that make your life happy
  • Tag your post with the hashtag: #GSList
  • Use the #GSList picture on your post
  • Nominate five or more blogs

Top 10 things that make me happy! 😀

10. Oreos and Milk: I mean come on, who doesn’t love some milk’s favorite cookie with a jug of milk after a long day!
9. Coffee in the morning/Tea at night: Any animated day starts with a cup a coffee and ends with a cup of tea at night! 🙂 (The only thing I agree with Excalibur on..)
8. Going to Conventions: I always love the week leading up to a convention. Last second guests are revealing, last second preparations for cosplays are made, and it’s mainly the talk amongst your friends. Conventions are super fun not just for the “empty your savings account” aspect but just being around friends and others who share your same interests. And Karaoke is always a must!
7. A Night of Anime: Whether it be a night of Toonami, catching up on season anime, or just watching recommendations, it’s always nice to have a night of just watching anime.
6. Running: This one is kind of funny. On the bad days, it is the number one thing that makes me frustrated. On the good days, it is probably number one thing on this list. So I decided to put it just about the halfway mark.
5. Traveling: Whether it be traveling for class/work, for cross country races, or a simple vacation! When I travel I can’t help but get excited, especially if it’s somewhere I haven’t been. Unless the place I’m going that I’ve already been to is Disney World. XD Like a kid in a candy shop. 🙂
4. Animated and its Animators: I’m always happy to have time to spend on the blog. Writing posts, making banners, choosing themes and team of 5 characters, liking, commenting, and reading other blogs. It always makes me happy to be able to connect with people who share mutual interests and being able to read how they interpret a similar topic. Also, being able to express myself through my blog and be animated :p.
3. Friends/Family: Pretty much anyone who is fun to be around! Whether it be family, friends, teammates, classmates, and fellow animators! It is always a fun and happy time!
2. Making Someone Laugh/Smile: I feel when you laugh or smile it makes you happy. When you make someone else laugh or smile it makes you happyX2. Being able to share a smile or laugh with someone is one of the things that makes me the happiest! Making someone else’s day is one of the best feelings.
1. When You Take You Step Closer to a Dream/Goal: Those little steps you take that get you closer to a goal/dream is what makes me the happiest. When you achieve a little feat that you know just got you closer to where you want to be. That’s when you’re able to look at what you are doing and show off a huge animated smile!

Now for some nominees!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks again to SindyBlue10 for the tag! 😀 It’s always fun to write posts like these! You can read her awesome #GSList post through the link and check out all the great content on her blog!
That’s all for this sketch! Put a smile on animators!



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