Hey Everyone! I know it has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything or even tweeted anything. I’d kind of like to leave that story for another time. (Don’t worry! Nothing Serious!) For now I just want to focus this post on the New Year!

First off, I hope everyone’s 2016 has started off great! And I wish you continued greatness for the rest of 2016!

In the past I’d write down some New Years resolutions right before the New Year. A popular tradition many of us do annually. I actually even wrote down my 2016 New Year resolutions just before welcoming the new year. However, I ended up finding my 2015 New Year resolutions as I finished up my 2016 resolutions.

In my opinion, 2015 was a bit of a rough year. It was weird though. Reading through about 15 little resolutions I set for myself for last year, I completed all but two of them. It did make me feel a little better about how 2015 went, but I still very much wanted to start a fresh new year. It made me think. Although I was happy to see I completed most of my resolutions, the 13 completed resolutions didn’t define the year. They sure helped me feel better toward 2015, but they weren’t what I was going to define the year on.

I defined 2015 as a year of learning. Some lessons were a bit tougher than others, but overall I felt 2015 was a learning experience. Whether the results will be seen in 2016 or later, I feel WAY better prepared going into the New Year. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Although I still have my 2016 resolutions, I actually haven’t looked at them since I wrote them. Rather, I got a new idea of how to approach the new year. I simply wanted to theme 2016 towards a couple quotes. Rather then remember little goals that in the end didn’t completely define the year, I wanted to remember quotes throughout the year.

Now, I’m not saying to stop doing new years resolutions. If you do and enjoy it, keep on! I’m in no way saying its a bad tradition. My idea of thinking of quotes was better for me personally.

So I wanted to open up 2016 on animated with a couple quotes! Enjoy! 🙂


” The moment your ready to out, is usually the moment right before a miracle happens.”

I don’t actually remember if the quote was said in the anime (Charlotte), but I found it on one of the anime’s wallpapers. Just a reminder that things may get bad at a time, but when the time is right things will get better!


“Problems that cannot be solved do not exist in this world.”

No matter what you may going through, their is an answer to make your situation better. It may not be seen yet, but keep looking! The solution does exist in some way!


“The true power of us human beings is that we can change ourselves on our own.”

So like I said, I wasn’t too crazy about 2015. But that doesn’t mean I have to feel the same way about 2016. We have the power to be able to change the things we wish to change!


“When you free yourself from the stuff that holds you back, your hidden strengths will be revealed.”

The quote that is actually now my new phone wallpaper. 🙂 The quote pretty much sums up what I personally want my 2016 to be about. Let go of things holding me back in order to move forward!

I hope you enjoyed the quotes! I didn’t want to give too much of a personal piece on each quote because I didn’t want to get all mushy! I wanted the post to have an optimistic feel rather then a mushy feel.

Once again, I wish you the best in 2016! I hope all your resolutions if you have any are completed! I hope the quotes helped a little!

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for sticking around! If you checked up on the blog during these about two months of silence, I really want to give a big thank you to you! It means a lot to know despite the lack of content on the blog you visited just to see if anything was up. 😉

That’s all for this post!

Have an animated 2016! 😀


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