30-Animated Days Challenge!: Day 1


Hiya! Today marks the beginning of the 30-Animated Days Challenge! The first theme for the first day of the challenge is: Describe a typical day in your current life. So join along for a typical day with yours truly!

A typical day for me starts off pretty early in the morning. At 5am my first alarm goes off and hopefully by 5:20 I’m up! I say hopefully because usually if I’m not up by that time, I’m not getting to practice on time. After waking up a couple times I’m on my way to morning Cross Country/ Track and Field practice! I guess on a usual day at practice we’d have like a 6-7 mile run at training pace. Once practice is done it’s time to get freshened up and some BREAKFAST! 🙂 Breakfast for me is pretty much coffee. I don’t really eat much for breakfast unless practice finishes early. Mainly because right after breakfast is class time. I’ll spare you the boring details of how intriguing it is to sit in an engineering class. No please, it is no problem to skip along. My morning classes usually end by lunch time, so it is off to get more food! Yea, since I don’t eat much for breakfast, I usually pig out for lunch. :3

I have about a three hour break between lunch and late afternoon class. What I do during this time usually depends on what’s going on. I’ll do homework or study if I have something due or a test. Some days I’ll use the time to blog or read blogs if nothing school wise is really going on. If I’m really tired I may end up meeting up with some friends to get re-energized. Then it is onward to afternoon class. Again, I’ll spare the details. I actually kind of prefer my afternoon classes over my morning classes. Everyone seems a little more chill at this time. I guess since everyone actually is for sure awake at this point. (Everyone meaning me…) XD

SO afternoon classes are done and it is time to head home! Unless we have two scheduled practices for the day… -_-. Then it’s back to practice. However, I’ll move along to when I get home. Again what I do once I get home usually depends on what’s going on. Homework or study if I have an assignment or test. Maybe blog or read some blogs. Maybe watch some YouTube, TV, or anime. FOLLOWED BY DINNER! The family gets together and dinner is served! I’ll skip over some of the little chores after dinner to my favorite time, bed time! Usually after dinner I’ll make myself some tea and relax a bit in my room before sleep. During this time is when I will most likely write my blogs, make banners, work on AMVs, or even play around with RPG Maker. Unfortunately if a test is coming up or homework is due, they’ll take up a chunk of this time. I’m actually writing this post in I guess what you would call this time frame. After if it isn’t too late I’ll try to sneak in some anime before bedtime! Then it is time for animated to go night night! (Hopefully remembering to set his alarm for tomorrow morning.) ^-^

Well, there you have it! A regular day in animated’s shoes! I know it isn’t the most exciting, but it’s been fun to share it with you all! Hope you enjoyed! 😀

That’s all for this sketch! The challenge continues on!



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