30-Animated Day Challenge!: Day 2


Hiya Everyone! Hope everyone’s Wednesday went well! Today is the second day of the 30-Animated Days Challenge! Today’s theme for the challenge is: List your top 3 favorite anime males and/or females. Since I usually do top 10 lists for both the guys and gals today will be no different. Here are my top 3 (at the moment) favorite anime males and females!

3. Levi Kazama (Ninja)- Trinity Seven

Ninja3Thumb copy

The quiet yet spunky member of the Trinity Seven starts off my top 3 for the females. She’s one of my top 3 favorites for three reasons, her personality, her battle style, and her outlook. Though at times she maybe as quiet as a ninja, she has those sudden one liners that are actually pretty funny. It’s like you wouldn’t expect it coming from her at the beginning of the anime. As you go along though she becomes more and more of an outgoing character. Her battle style is also a sight to see as she is one of the strongest of the Trinity Seven. She’s one of the few that seems to be in almost every battle in the anime. Although small she’s really fast (I mean her nickname is ninja..) and packs quite a punch.Β  Probably my favorite thing about Ninja is her outlook on her archive. The deadly sin she is furthest from is envy because she doesn’t have expectations of others. Her strong point is acting independently therefore she doesn’t become envious of others.

3. Arata Kasuga – Trinity Seven


You would think Trinity Seven would be my all time favorite anime for having already two character show up in my top 3? I must say I really enjoyed the characters in the anime, but it’s not necessarily one of my all time favorites. Fun watch, but I wish it focused more on the magic, action, and explanation of themas and archives. Anyways, I digress. Just like the gals list, the guys list starts off with a Trinity Seven character. You’ve probably seen this fella around the blog. The carefree and cheery personality that is Arata comes in at number three on my list. Like Ninja, I really enjoyed Arata’s personality. Although he can be a joker and quite perverted at times, my favorite thing is underneath it all he cares deeply about the Trinity Seven. He can be funny and carefree, however, is also very dependable and calm under pressure. Although a mage in training, Arata’s archive is Superbia (Pride) and has the power to nullify and copy other magic.

2. Haruhi Suzumiya – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


The SOS Brigade leader comes in at number two on my females list. I’m going to go about describing why Haruhi is number two my list in a bit of a more unique way. (Fitting for her character.) Haruhi reminds me of a quote:

“Sometimes I pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So I go back to being me.”

I feel the quote describes Haruhi’s character perfectly. Haruhi is that reminder of who cares what is that defines being normal. Being your true self is when your happiest and least bored. Haruhi’s bright and energetic personality makes her a very likable character. Although sometimes she doesn’t have a good sense of certain boundaries, it’s just Haruhi being Haruhi. I really appreciated her character during the anime, but the movie is probably where Haruhi shot-up my list all the way to number two!

2. Death the Kid – Soul Eater


Sorry Kid, I couldn’t give you a perfectly symmetrical number! Coming in at number two is the son of death himself, Death the Kid. Between his obsession with symmetry and powerful abilities, Kid is quite an awesome character. When I first started watching Soul Eater, I thought Kid was going to be a super uptight snobby kid. (To my defense, he is a little uptight. :p) To my pleasant surprise I found Kid to be quite a character. Between the humor and awesome battle scenes he produces, Kid made his way into my top 3. When you ditch a mission to go make sure your toilet paper is symmetrically folded, you’ve earned a spot on animated’s top 3 characters. πŸ˜‰

1. Maka Albarn – Soul Eater


Although the last time I shared my Top 10 list for females was back in June, my number one spot up to today still hasn’t changed. My all-time favorite female (as of now) is still Soul Eater’s Maka Albarn. TheΒ  combination of being a scythe-meister, smart student, and caring but direct personality earns her the top spot for me. I think my favorite thing about Maka though is she has her flaws and insecurities that are relatable. On the outside she can come across as a very average maybe sometimes try hard student. However, her knowledge and experiences feed Maka’s strength. Maka acknowledges her flaws, but rather than have them hold her back, she finds strength in them. It’s the realization of your not perfect, but that’s the most perfect thing about you.

1. Simon – Gurren Lagann


Just like Maka, my number one from my June list for the males has yet to be dethroned. Still at my number one for the males is Simon from Gurren Lagann. I say it every-time, but I’ll say it again. Simon is the most relatable anime character I have been able to relate to. From being somewhat shy, insecure of his abilities, and having to piggy-back off of others for motivation or support. To dealing with issues internally by either gritting your teeth and taking a problem head on or continuing to keep yourself from getting over an issue. To finally coming full circle and realizing your capabilities while understanding your capabilities can only be at full power when you have a great team of humans behind you. Believe in the me, who believes in you! πŸ˜‰

I know this post took a little longer than the first day post, but I find it at times challenging to write about my favorite characters. I wanted to fully portray in the right words what each character truly meant to me and why they were in my top three. It took a little extra time to get out hopefully the right words. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed! πŸ™‚

Next Up is Day-3!

That’s all for this sketch! Till next time! XD



  1. I like Haruhi, aside from how she bullies some of the SOS Birgade members. It’s sad that the second season of her series was wasted on Endless Eight.

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    • I tried to power through the endless eight but ended up alternating between watching an episode and then listening to one while blogging. So it was more like the endless four for me. I understand how it ties into the movie, but dedicating eight episodes to it was pretty overkill. I wouldn’t have minded if it was two episodes or three max.

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