30-Animated Days Challenge!: Day 3!


Good Morning All! Thank goodness it is the weekend! Today for Day 3 of the animated challenge the theme is: Describe the day you just had. Since it is only morning now, I’ll be talking about the events of yesterday.

Yesterday was actually a pretty quiet day for me. The day started off like normal, going to practice and then straight on over to morning classes. However after morning classes were over, I was done for the day! 🙂 My schedule worked out that I don’t have afternoon classes on Friday. So then I started running around a little bit trying to find out where I could get a circuits kit (I need it for one of my labs next week). Once that was resolved my day at school was pretty much over. It was nice because it wasn’t even lunch time yet! XD I probably would have hung around a little longer to see what some friends were up to, but yesterday marked the end of the first school week after winter break. I didn’t have any assignments pending or test coming up. So I decided to just head home. Plus coffee was only going to keep me awake for so long. When I got home I knocked out. 🙂 Like dreaming and everything. (I usually don’t have dreams unless I’m really tired.)

After nap time I continued with watching Chaos Dragon, worked on ideas for animated, read some blogs, played some osu, and that’s about it. I finally ended up watching the movie Furious 7. It’d been way over due, but hey better late than never. I’ve always enjoyed The Fast and the Furious movies, but I miss the focus they use to give to cars and street racing. It’s more tailored now to heists, which still makes for a good movie. I just miss when the cars went vrooooom really fast XD. I didn’t mind the plot for Furious 7 focusing around heists because of the tribute they gave to Paul Walker at the end. Fast and the Furious just isn’t going to be the same without him. 😥 Nonetheless, it was a beautiful little tribute to him. Plus, after 10 years, they finally decided to make sense of the ending in Tokyo Drift!

Anyways, I digress. Like I said, I had a pretty quiet day. I think my highlight was when going to boil eggs just before midnight for a snack. The egg carton was just a little open as I was taking them out. It almost turned into a dozen eggs sunny-side up on the kitchen floor. But yours truly saved it! XD I know, I know, hold your applause.

That’s about it for Day 3! I’ll probably go up to about Day-5 then have a small break to put regular content on the blog.

Today is Magic City Comic-con! I’m really excited and will definitely talk about it in an upcoming blog post!

That’s all for this sketch! Relax and enjoy your weekend! 🙂




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