30-Animated Days Challenge!: Day 5


Howdy All! Today marks the final day for the first stretch of 30-Animated Days Challenge posts. After today their will be a small break from these posts to allow some other content onto the blog. Today’s theme for the challenge is: Describe the meaning of your blog’s name.

So time to back track almost a full year ago. At this time last year I already had the idea of creating a blog, however I wasn’t going to start posting on it till the beginning of February. One of the reasons was because I was still finalizing the name of the blog. I wanted it to be something small and easy to remember. More importantly, I wanted the name to also fit the theme of the blog. The central theme being Animation, whether it be in the form of anime, video games, Disney, etc. Although I feel the central theme of the blog has grown way more over the last year.

The first idea for a name was Animate-It. You can find a couple I guess you could call Easter Eggs on the blog for this name. For example, my Twitter handle is @animatedit , combining the first name with the name I went with because @animated was taken. Also above the Twitter section on the blog (to your right) the section reads Animate-It On Twitter. The actual URL for the blog is actually animatedit.wordpress.com.

However, as you could probably tell, I didn’t go with it. For one, I thought it would be hard to find a blog that has a hyphen in the middle of the name. Another big factor was I wasn’t really liking how the title on the banners was looking. I decided then I just wanted one simple word. So I dropped the -IT and added a D in its place.

I was pretty happy with the name, but wasn’t fully bought in. Until one day making banners I wasn’t paying attention and changed the font for the ‘a’ at the beginning of animated. I ended up really liking how it looked. Thus, the name animated was here to stay!

The name has only grown on me since then. Especially when looking at the definition for the word animated.

  1. Full of life or excitement; lively.
  2. (of a movie or image) made using animation techniques.

It’s what I try to make animated with every post. I think it perfectly defines what the goal of the blog is suppose to be and what the blog strides to be. Being a lively place that is made using animation as its theme. If the reader leaves with a small chuckle or smile, it means the blog has done its job as a whole. Like I said, I think the central theme of the blog has really broaden in these first 11-months. Although I mainly talk about anime and sometimes video games, I feel their is more to animated. Being able to share from personal ideas to experiences such as going to conventions. I think the name has been a great fit for the blog.


And with that, the first stretch of our animated challenge is in the books! After a short break, it’ll be right back to these posts! However, since this is something new to the blog, I do want to know if you are enjoying the Animated-Challenge. If you’d like to leave some feedback, I set up a little poll for you to express how your feeling about the Animated Challenge.

That’s all for this sketch! Now time for me to go night, night! ^_^–(zzz)


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