30- Animated Days Challenge!: Day 6

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 10.33.16 PM

AND WE’RE BACK! Welcome back to the 30-Animated Days Challenge! For Day-6 the theme of the challenge is: 3 things that make you the happiest. I think the theme fits perfectly because the number 6 happens to be my favorite number. Also today happens to be Friday. So all the vibes are strongly positive for today! A perfect setting to get back into our 30-Animated Days!

3. Listening to Upbeat Music


That feeling of getting out of class on a Friday, getting in your car, blasting Spotify, and enjoying the drive home. I may have just described my Friday! Good Upbeat Music really puts me in a happy and actually productive mood. It doesn’t matter if I’m listening on my own or with a bunch of friends, something about music always provides me with a happy mood!

Actually quick funny story. Today I received a random message from an old friend (Disney Roommate) to send him some songs. On our way places he always wanted to listen to my playlists because it had over 1000 songs. Plus my playlist is all over the place. One minute your listening to EDM, next your listening to country, followed by dubstep, to Spanish music, to anime openings, and epic instrumentals. It made me really happy to hear my old pal still wanted some song recommendations. So I guess sharing music also makes me equally as happy!

2. Achieving a Goal or Living a Dream


From the simple things like a good quiz grade, meeting someone new, learning something new, overcoming shyness, or understanding Differential Equations. (That last one makes my freakin week. XD)

To things on the blog such as good feedback, providing good feedback to another blog, or achieving an interesting post idea.

To the big things like getting closer and closer to an Engineering Degree while working my way to becoming a Disney Imagineer.

Anytime I feel myself progress as someone better than I was two minutes ago makes me happy! Whether that be as a human being, friend, student, blogger, or engineer.

1. Making Someone Happy


It is true that the best type of happiness is shared happiness. When you make someone else happy it’s a different type of happiness then the previous two listed. It’s like being double happy. You’ve made your day by making someone’s day.

Like I mentioned earlier, one of my buddies from Disney today asked for a list of songs from me. I ended up sending him about 40 different types of songs. He was ecstatic. Which made me really happy that just a simple little list made his day.

That’s all for this sketch! Go out there and put on an animated smile! XD (<– I use this way too often! haha)



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