30-Animated Days Challenge!: Day 7

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WOO! I’m happy to be back writing these posts! It has been quite a while!

We’re continuing right where we left off on Day 7! The theme for today is: songs you listen to when having a rough day. I have a weird range of songs depending on how actually rough the day is. I’ll do my best to explain!

Trouble by Avicii: Just need some cheering up.

  • Good song I like to go to if I just need to get some things off my mind. The day might have been rough because minor things like traffic or missed lunch. However, the song is pretty upbeat which helps me get back to positive thoughts. Also the lyrics are easy to relate to and provide a nice listen.

Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia: Need a change of mood.

  • Whenever I’m having one of those “just not feeling it” type of days for what ever reason, I jam to SHM. Specifically Don’t You Worry Child, my personal favorite. The song always helps me get a positive vibe going. Between the upbeat tempo and uplifting lyrics, the song is definitely one that cheers me up!

Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer: Refocus and motivation.

  • Those days that one thing leads to another thing, then carries onto the next thing, which later effects a later thing. Yea when ‘things’ just aren’t going our way type of day. I always like to listen to this song just to sit back and refocus. Yes, ‘things’ may have not gone the way as planned on a certain day. However, to get through and learn from it, you got to keep our head up!

Learn To Fly by Foo Fighters: shaking off  a rough day

  • So the day was rough, I’m walking back to Rudy Jr.(my car) from class, and for the ride home I just want to jam out. Most of the time I’ll go to this song. Mainly because it reminds me of the days my friends and I would go crazy playing it on RockBand. Literally, anytime we hear it all together the air guitars, basses, and drums all in sync start playing. XD It’s probably the more personal song then the others on the list because it brings back happy times. Sure the song still has great lyrics and beats. However, listening to the song on the ride home while going through memory clips of our plastic rock band going crazy helps me get into a better mood!

Human by Krewella:  Toughest of the bunch.

  • I’d say the song is for those really really hectic days. The song is different from the previous four in the sense that I listen to it not to change to a good mood. The song is a bit more serious and deals with the aspect of our human limit to keep things held in. Hey sometimes you just need to let it it out a little before you can move into starting to think positive again. I think the song is great for those moments to take in everything that’s happening, let out a bit, and begin the process of getting back to a positive state.


Hope you all enjoyed the music theme! For Day-8 we bring back the anime theme along with some food! XD

Until then, that’s all for this sketch! XD



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