30-Animated Days Challenge!: Day 8


I just got so hungry.. ^-^”. Howdy! It’s back to 30-Animated Days Challenge! I WILL FINISH IT! XD Today’s 8th day theme is: if you could have dinner with any anime character who would it be?

I like the theme because their just so many choices. I decided to take into account what type of dinner it would turn into by inviting different types of characters. Like invite the loud and crazy character for an over the top dinner? Invite the wise character and learn a lot? Invite the character that’s going to eat their serving and yours? (Sorry Luffy I’m calling you out XD)

So who’s the lucky guest of honor?


How many chances do you have to dine with a god? The character I’d love to sit down and have meal with is No Game No Life’s Tet. It wouldn’t be fitting just to go have dinner somewhere, so I figured the best place to go would be a dine and game place like Dave and Busters type restaurant. Nothing like challenging the god of play to a couple arcade games. XD

The gaming aspect was definitely a factor in my decision of picking Tet. However, I think the coolest part would be being able to nit-pick at a god’s knowledge. Like I said, it’s not every day you bet to sit down and converse with a god! Sure Tet’s personality is more on the playful side, but he’s also very bright. I think he’d definitely be able to hold some pretty interesting conversations all while holding the easy-going mood.

As for the gaming portion of the night, I’d love to see Tet take on anything with cards, dice, and chances associated with the game. However, his true test will come when he is challenged to play the claw game with the plush animals! We’ll have to see if Tet can truly conquer the claw. (Which I mean he’d probably empty the machine in like 2 minutes XD.) Then lastly ending the he night with Tet’s trump card, a game of chess. I’m not even going to try to sugar coat this one, he’d probably beat me in like five turns. But hey, I got to play a chess match with the god of games. That’s enough for me!

As for meal choices, lets just hope Tet doesn’t play with his food. :p

Whelp, their you have it! The animated anime character dinner has been complete. Now time to go eat because this post made me really hungry!

That’s all for this sketch!



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