30-Animated Days Challenge!: Day 9 (WARNING: THIS POST WILL MAKE YOU HUNGRY!)


Howdy all! The 30-Animated Days Challenge continues on with more talk about… FOOD! My favorite thing to talk about other than the topics discussed on the blog. ^-^ Today’s Day 9 Theme is: food that makes you happy. Not that food in general isn’t happiness, but these plates hold a special spot in my heart…..and stomach… šŸ™‚

Pasta with Red Sauce:


Pasta with Red Sauce has pretty much been my favorite dish since childhood. Mainly because anytime I’d go over to my grandparent’s house they’d always make it. I also think it comes from the +10 years of running cross-country. When pasta is basically a religious dish for runners the night before races, you start to crave it quite often. It’s probably the main reason why I’m still running. XD



OH MAN! I guess you could even throw fajitas in there as well. Basically if it’s something wrapped around a soft tortilla, I’m down! Like my friends always have the debate of where to go for a burrito. The debate to go to Chipotle, Moes, Qdoba (my personal favorite, Peppers and Lime restaurants. Yes, I do have a slim preferred option of Qdoba, but my vote always goes to the closest one. It means we’ll be eating our burritos faster. šŸ™‚

FUN FACT: I’ve actually tried to combine the previous two dishes. While on the Disney College Program we had extra tortillas from a previous taco night and I was making pasta with red sauce. My roommate and I decided to make spaghetti tacos. You can’t let extra tortillas go to waste! šŸ™‚

Oreos and Milk:


Those late nights of watching anime get so much better when you suddenly realize their is a pack of Oreos in the household. Only to have glass cup of milk to complete a marriage made in heaven. You rush back to your anime to complete the holy trinity. (Too over the top yet?) XD

Yes, Oreos and Milk is always my favorite late night anime munch.

Fish and White Rice:

504afd981832d05f1549b635306be3cbI was actually never too big on eating fish when I was younger. However, after taking quite an amount of trips to Key West, I guess you could say my taste buds finally caught on. Now I enjoy pretty much any fish in anyway it’s prepared. Put it alongside some white rice and…. now I’m hungry. -_- There is something about rice that just makes it such a comfort food. My favorite combo of these two would probably be a whole fried fish with a bowl of white rice on the side. Yumm.. XD

Jeez, anime hasn’t made me this hungry since watching Shokugeki no Soma!

That’s all for this sketch!




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