30-Animated Days Challenge!: Day 10

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It is really funny that this Day’s theme fell when it did! XD

Howdy Everyone! We’re back into another Day of the 30-Animated Days Challenge. It’s pretty ironic today’s theme fell during all the Pokemon hoopla! Today’s theme is: If you could have any one Pokemon as a partner who would it be?

Such a simple question, yet so much thought has been put into it!

My initial thought was Pikachu. Pikachu has steadily been one of my favorite Pokemon through the 20 years of Pokemon. He’s a classic, an icon. However, I wanted to give the other 700+ Pokemon a fair shot at it as well! I feel Pikachu would have been the too obvious pick.

I thought about my favorite legendary, Shaymin! But I mainly like Shaymin when it is only in its Sky form version. So I continued to go through the Pokedex.

I thought of a couple other potentials: Eevee, Charmander, Lucario, Fennekin, Emolga, Flygon, and Growlithe.

I then started to think about how the Pokemon would be included in everyday life in the real world. Sorry Flygon. Although I would have love to fly to work/class everyday!

The Pokemon I finally chose has always been a favorite of mine since this region debuted. What made me pick this Pokemon was mainly the easy inclusion of having this Pokemon in everyday life.


The Pokemon I decided to go with for my real life partner from the Sinnoh region is none other than Buizel! The Sea Weasel Pokemon!

Yea, this was probably not the direction you thought I was going to go in. But hear my out!

Like I said, for some reason Buizel has always been one of my favorite Pokemon for the Sinnoh region. When playing Diamond for the first time I chose the Fire Pokemon Chimchar as my starter. So naturally I was out looking for a water Pokemon to balance my team out. Well that water Pokemon I ended up catching for my team was my partner Buizel. Ever since then, Buizel has always been one of my favorite Pokemon from any region.

Although Buizel is one of my favorite Pokemon, that case could have been made for many Pokemon. So what made Buizel receive the nod? The inclusion of a partner in everyday life.

It’d be pretty easy to pull off Buizel as the “house dog” for his identity. Although with if Pokemon Go ever receives up to the Sinnoh region Pokemon that disguise may not be as effective. Anyways, I digress.

While at work or school Buizel could either choose to chill out in his Pokeball or in the pool back at the house. (See I did think this one through XD.) Since I live around a lot of beaches, Buizel will feel right at home in the water! If he runs as fast as he swims he could also be a training partner for running!

Overall I thought Buizel would be the most realistic real world partner for me. Plus free refills on water with a quick water gun attack! 😉

Well, that’s all for this sketch! We’re finally on double digit days of the challenge! We’re one-thirds through! Hope your enjoying the challenge so far! 😀


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