30-Animated Days Challenge: Day 11

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 10.33.16 PMHowdy Everyone!

Today starts the final month filled with completing the 30-Animated Days Challenge! Day 11’s theme was originally suppose to be to name anime character’s characteristics you see in yourself. However, I thought I’d give it a bit of a tweak. I decided to tweak today’s theme to: characteristics of anime characters you’d like to obtain. I thought it’d be better describing characteristics I see in other anime characters that I would love to work on obtaining.

Maka’s Smarts:


I’ll start off the list with one of my favorite characters Maka. I’ve always appreciated her smarts. But more then just her smarts, I’ve always appreciated her dedication to her smarts. Sure their some really smart characters, but some of these characters are lazy. I admire the fact Maka knows she is smart, however, still dedicates time to refining and increasing her knowledge.

Kamina’s Positive Attitude:


I’ve actually been told by friends and acquaintances that I’m a pretty positive person. It’s a little weird because I personally feel I have a bit of a low self esteem. So I figured this would definitely be a characteristic I’d love to refine. While watching Gurren Lagann I ended up looking up Kamina quotes for my phone wallpaper. I still to this day every now and then look up some of his quotes for some motivation. Kamina always seems to have some great positive motivation!

Sora’s Vision:


No, I don’t actually mean his eyesight. You know those people who whenever they are put in a situation they know exactly how to handle themselves? Arguments, they know exactly what to say. Know when to call or fold. Yea, that’s my meaning of Sora’s Vision. He is able to see the situation presented to him and know exactly how to handle it. Probably the characteristic I most need to work on. XD

Felt’s Spunk:


You know that saying, sometimes silence is the best answer. Yea, well sometimes I feel silence is too often my go to answer. I’m not saying I need all %100 of Felt’s outspokenness either. However, I do feel I need to work on my balance of passiveness and..well, spunk! I admire, in the few times she has appeared, Felt’s willingness to say what’s on her mind. Even in front of a whole ballroom of people who she knows very well don’t agree with her view. Although I’d neither like to be 100% outspoken or 100% passive, I do feel like having a healthy balance between the two can go a long way!

Gon’s Sense for Adventure:


I feel sometimes my day gets too routine in stressful parts of the year. Wake up, breakfast, class/work, lunch, study, dinner, maybe have time for a game or anime episode, and sleep. Although I feel it’s routine I rarely do anything to break it. Gon I feel is always looking for that next adventure. He doesn’t have routine days. He’ll get too bored.

Levi’s Independence:


To this day, Levi is still one of my all time favorite characters for this very characteristic. Levi’s independence comes from her research thema, Expectatio, in the Invidia (envy) archive. Meaning the seven deadly sin she is furthest from is envy. She won’t become envious of anyone, and her strong point is acting independently without having any expectations of others. Although I’d say I wouldn’t want to have zero expectation of others, I still admire Ninja’s strong independent thinking.

Kuroko’s Unselfishness:


A little contrary to the characteristic just described. In a way they correlate, just hear me out. XD It’s why I say having zero expectation of others wouldn’t exactly be the best thing. Their always comes a time where you have to defer to someone else. Like deferring to someone’s knowledge on a given topic. It’s not to end up envying this person’s knowledge but rather to increase your own by deferring to someone more qualified. (Sorry if that made no sense. XD HAHA I’m trying my best to convey my thought process.) Every light needs a shadow!

Mako’s Sense of Relief:


You know those people who just make you smile. Like they just give off that happy and comforting vibe when they walk in a room. I admire that characteristic so much! I feel Mako best gives off that sense of relief. To simply have a vibe that comforts others around you in a positive way is a characteristic I strongly admire.

Midoriya’s Courage:


One of best feelings is achieving something many people thought you couldn’t achieve. However, you don’t get to that point without having the courage to get to that feeling. Midoriya’s courage reminds me of going through my Cross Country/ Track and Field days. I’d like to work on having that courage outside running and brought into other aspects of life.

Edward’s Commitment:


When you say your going to do something, and you keep to your commitment till you see it through. The commitment to never breaking a promise no matter the obstacles. Edward has a special type of loyalty, compassion, and commitment to those he cares most for. I admire his commitment of keeping people closest to him his main priority. As well as always coming through on his promises.

Rikka’s Imagination:


Not only do I love Rikka’s vivid imagination, but also I love how easily she expresses her imagination to others. I guess I see it this way because I’ve always been fascinated by imagination. I mean heck, I’m working to try to become an Imagineer after all XD. This world gets kind of boring anyways, so a healthy imagination is always a fun thing to have!

Rem’s Heart:


I actually just caught up and watched episode 18. So yes this a bit of a reaction toward the most recent episode. That heart that shows your willing to do anything and everything for someone you care about. Yes, even if they reject your willingness at times. Rem has quite the heart. :’)

Their you have it! Hope you enjoyed all these characteristics! Let me know your favorite!

That’s all for this sketch! See you tomorrow!



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