30-Animated Days Challenge!: Day 12


Howdy Everyone!

Time for another day of the 30-Animated Days Challenge! Like the previous post I’ll be making a small tweak to the theme for today. I’m allowing myself 3 tweaks so their go 2 already. Today’s theme was suppose to be to describe some of my hardest experiences. However, since this is my final month of blogging I didn’t want to write in a gloomy tone. With that, today’s tweaked theme is: describe some of your happiest experiences so far this year! I won’t rule out about returning to the previous theme later if I get a chance. I just figured a happy setting was going to be better given the circumstances!

My most recent Disney World Trip!:


My friends and I had been planning this Disney trip since November 2015. We were finally able to get mostly everyone to go on our trip in May. It was probably the funnest trip I have had to Disney up to date. Of course, whenever you’re in Disney you’re bound to have a fun time. The rides, atmosphere, and food always make for a great time. However, what made this trip the funnest was having this group of friends come along. We’ve all been friends since first grade (with the exception of one friend who we met a few years ago) and it was the first time we were all able to go to Disney together. It was like those juice box days all over again because I’m pretty sure we were acting like 10 year olds. XD

Making Dean’s List for the First Time!:


This one was quite the shocker. For the first time in college I made the Dean’s List in the Spring Semester. I usually always have one class mess me up and not make Dean’s List. I guess taking a large load of classes helped me stay focus and preoccupied with school most of the time. Definitely took some late nights at the engineering center and missed blog posts. But hey, I think it worked out pretty well!

Buying My New Car!:


So I’ll get into this further down but yes, 2015 was not a great year for me. Good ol’ Rudolph (my previous car) took a few hits last year. Someone ran a red light and then after I received my car back from that accident, I got rear-ended.ย  However, 2016 started off very well with bringing home Rudy Jr. (my current car) and passing on Rudolph’s legacy. Today Jr and I are still happily riding along together!

(Before the end of the month I’ll explain all the nicknames and what-not! XD)

Spring Break Beach Trip!:


This was a big reason why I probably didn’t burn-out academic wise during the semester. My friends and I (most of the ones who went to Disney) took a beach vacation for 4 days during Spring Break. It consisted of packing up a cooler, walking to the beach, and relaxing from sun up to sun down. The trip was definitely much needed at the time. (Actually… I could probably go for one right now since summer classes just ended :)) The only thing that went wrong was the first day we didn’t bring sunscreen.

Needless to say, don’t sit in the sun for 10 hours without sunscreen. :*

Super-Con Weekend:


I know I posted about it, however I have to mention it again. Super-con was a super experience this year! The best con experience since my first con! I won’t spend too much time on this one since I already covered it in its respective post. Anime, video games, manga, cos-plays, voice actors, and a good crowd of friends. Yup, I’d say it was a good formula for a happy experience.

Overall Just Being Happier:


I haven’t asked if any of my friends have noticed this. However, personally I feel like overall I’m a lot happier this year then from the previous year. Maybe its the reason I decided to tweak the theme today, haha. I felt like last year I held my head down a lot and just didn’t have a good attitude. In fairness, A-LOT happen last year that contributed to it. This year I feel I’m being a lot more positive. I think I’ve been able to handle situations with a better mentality this year. Heck, the fact I’m even able to acknowledge myself and write about it here is already a step in the right direction! Hopefully I can keep the smile up! ๐Ÿ˜€

Just past the half way point of 2016 and I think it has been a great year so far! Hopefully it is going well for you as well! If not, their is still another half of the year to change it around! ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s all for this sketch!

Pretty funny that the 13th Day post will fall on a Friday….




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