30-Animated Days Challenge!: Day 14


Howdy Everyone!

After a few days off (mainly due to No Man’s Sky XD) it’s back to the 30-Animated Days Challenge! Ready your headphones and get ready to party! Today’s theme for the challenge is: songs that make you feel happy! Ah! I’ve been excited to share this particular one!

Don’t Stop Believin’- Journey

This was actually my junior high graduation song picked by our class. I don’t think it was even an official option to pick as a song. Through parties, prom, field day, class trip, and graduation banquet this was the song that managed to get EVERYBODY in the class together to sing and dance to. Some of my closest friends are still the friends I had back in elementary school and junior high. Even still today when the song is played at parties we attend, we all still go crazy on the dance floor back to our days in junior high. It’s first on the list because any party we throw will have this song in its playlist.

(We also completely lost our minds back when this song released onto Rockband.) 🙂

The Great Escape- Boys Like Girls

This song made a revival back during my Disney College Program. My roommates and neighbors held a “club night” once. (We were suppose to go to a club but weather got so bad we had to cancel.) It was a club fully equipped with a portable blue-tooth speaker and a Febreze smoke machine…We played this song and well went crazy. 🙂

Ever since then this song is a must play whenever I’m back visiting Disney!

Burn- Ellie Goulding

I am proud to say I have gone to see this wonderful lady live. SHE WAS AMAZING. My favorite part of the concert was when she told the whole crowd to put away their cell phones for one song. The method to her madness was when you go to a concert nowadays your more focused on remembering to take videos and pictures then remembering the actual concert. For one song everyone agreed to be phone free. This was the song we went crazy to! 😀 Now when I hear this song it makes me want to forget for 3-minutes any stress (like a phone) and just enjoy the song. XD

Hey Ya! – OutKast


This song reminds me so much of my family. For some whatever reason this is like a household classic. A couple of my old friends that I don’t get the opportunity to talk to as often as I like still remember coming to my house in the old days listening to this song in the pool. I find it funny still to this day my family probably still remembers all the lyrics. 🙂 ( Or at least the lyrics to their version of the song.. haha)

Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond

Alright so we’ve covered friends and family. But how about some teammates? Yes, believe it or not you’ll hear this song being blasted in the team bus. Usually after a cross country race during a long car ride back home, we’ll need to liven up the mood somehow! It has also become a frequent request when driving around Disney World after just arriving.

United State of Pop- DJ Earworm

So easily I could have listed another 4 to 5 songs that are in this mashup. So we’ll call this one my cheat sheet! I rarely really like either mashups or some remixes. However, I really love this Mashup of the 2009 most popular songs! Mainly because it has many of my favorites in it. And heck it makes you wanna get up and dance! XD

Hope these songs made you happy!

That’s all for this sketch! Bring on Day 15!


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