2017 Animated Blog Goals/Resolutions


Hey Everyone!

With publishing yesterday’s post about lessons learned in 2016, it’s now time to turn full attention to 2017!

I have a couple goals/resolutions I’ve set for animated for 2017. Nothing huge. The main focus of these goals/resolutions is to bring some consistency to posting on animated. My main goal for animated in 2017 will be consistency. Some of the focus for these goals/resolutions will also be about bringing back old ideas for posts while trying out new ideas as well.

Here is what you have to look forward to in 2017 on animated!:

  •  Posting on Animated at least once every two weeks

– Now you figured with two days straight of postings this goal would be an easy one. Well, I’m still on Winter Vacation so I’ve had time to spend on animated. I know once classes resume next week I won’t be able to be on here every single day. I believe though at least one post every two weeks will be doable even during the busy time of the semester. Now this will be the minimum. Of course if I have time for five posts in a two week span expect five posts on animated. This goal is to help bring consistent flow of content that I know I lacked last year on animated.  This is my top goal for 2017.

  •  Cleaning/ Styling Animated

– You can already see this resolution in effect on the blog! I’ve spent time today going through old posts and deleting most of them. I decided to do this because I thought the blog was becoming a bit cluttered. I also went ahead and deleted some categories. This was mainly due to inactivity of the category or a certain category was very similar to another. I have a little more work to do with categories but in all likelihood the ones you see now will stay on animated. Another change you can see is a new theme on animated. I really like this theme since it makes use of the Featured Image tool. My last theme I felt the Featured Image tool was irrelevant. The only minor tweak I wish the theme had was if under the image and title it gave a little two-sentence preview of the post. However, I do believe this theme fits the blog a lot better and has a better look to it. I’m picky with my themes because of the use of the Header section for banners! Which will lead me to my next resolution!

**If you are interested the theme I am using is called Apostrophe. Yes, it is free.

**The posts that were NOT deleted are the following: Any Challenge/Award posts, the First Post on animated, Animated Motivational posts, Animated Challenge posts, and Gif Karaokee posts.

  • Bringing back Month Themes/ Introducing Character for the Weeks

– I’ll get to how this relates to animated banners. I want to bring back Month Themes to animated. Not every month will have a theme though. The months without a theme will have a new type of post called Character for the Weeks.

I’ll first start off explaining Month Themes. Month Themes will be done like how Overwatch does their in game events. Every so often a month will be given a theme on the blog. During these months certain posts will follow one way or another the theme of the month. Not all posts but a majority of them. During this theme, our animated banners will be decorated to follow the month’s theme.

** My best example would be last month could have been a Christmas Theme. So I’d have a series of posts about different anime characters in a secret santa pool and what they would buy each other.  Maybe also a Top 10 list for favorite Christmas activities. Posts along those lines. **

Not every month will have a theme. Since I decided to bring back Month Themes today, animated will not a theme this month. However, months without a theme will have a new type of post called Characters for the Weeks. This will be a huge help in keeping my first point of consistency on the blog. For a month without a theme, I will name a character, Character for the Weeks, for two weeks of the month. (Basically a character of the week only this will be every two weeks.) This will help reassure that their will be a post once every two weeks since a new character is named Character for the Weeks every two weeks. I’ll write a special post about a certain character along with creating a banner for the character. During the two weeks, the banner for the character will be the only banner up in the header section. I think this will also help so I don’t bombard the blog with banners so often. XD

  • I WILL Finish the Animated Challenge this Year. I WILL Catch-Up on Award Posts.

– This one is pretty straight forward. I owe it to you to finish the Animated Challenge. I also owe it to the nominators to catch up on writing their award posts. No excuses on this one.

  • Twitter

– Like always any post here on animated will show up as a tweet on my Twitter account (@animated06). I don’t think I’ll be able to tweet a Good Morning message every single day (I’ll try!). However, what I will do is have a weekly tweet. I will also pin a tweet for characters named Characters for the Week for their two week duration. Finally I will also pin a tweet  announcing a month’s theme if it has one. This will be followed by a post here on WordPress. Other then that, expect the same random retweets/tweets you’ve come to expect! XD

  • YouTube

– My reach goal for 2017! One of my friends has become very good at sharing our Overwatch Competitive games onto his YouTube Channel. I want to start posting our competitive matches on animated’s YouTube channel(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDOtP5m3P1XtI7OpNXfUS4g) as well as here on the blog. It’d be an awesome way to connect with Overwatch fans as well as expose the game to others who may not know a lot about it. It’d also bring new possibilities for posts pertaining to Overwatch. Also, on a personal note, it’ll be a way of overcoming a bit of shyness since you’ll probably be hearing my voice a lot during the matches. 😀

Well I’ve said a quite a bit. On a final general note expect an updated Top 10 Anime Female and Males list, What’s Up Animated Monthly Updates, Feedback Polls, and of course GIF Karaoke posts. Some new ideas and other posts will be rolled out once things start rolling consistently back on animated! I will try my best to meet these resolutions!

I hope you’re excited about 2017 on animated! XD





  1. Gl with your resolution 😁. Try not to del old posts, they may be old but they do bring in traffic to your site. Instead revise them, update them new followers will not have read them before. Make good use of back linking to your old and new posts. Other than that giid post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much for the advise! I didn’t really think about it from that point of view. I really like the idea of revising and updating them. I haven’t permanently deleted anything so i think Im going to go on the route of revising. Thanks again! Best wishes to you in 2017! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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