What’s Up Animated?! January Update!


Hey Everyone!

Quite a lot has gone on since I last wrote a What’s Up Animated monthly update. Since it has been a while I’ll give a quick description of these types of posts.

What’s Up Animated?! posts are basically monthly updates on, well, what’s been up! I talk about anime I’ve been watching or finished, games I’ve been playing, recent blog activity, and general topics. Just a simple way for me to share with you what I’ve been up to outside of animated!

Here is what’s been up lately!:

  • Anime

– I’ve been slacking a bit on anime. 😥 I’ve been gaming too much! I have had time for a couple watches though. I finally conquered my fears and watched Tokyo Ghoul! (I don’t know why I could not get past the first episode for the longest time, yet I was fine for Attack on Titan.) Turns out I ended up really enjoying the anime. During last month I also was on the search for a funny/ laid back anime to watch. I wouldn’t say it is a laid back anime, but somehow I ended up watching D-Frag. It was a nice little fun watch. Right now I’m currently watching the second part of GATE. I’ll talk more about it once I finish it. All I can say right now about it is I’m really happy with Lelei’s development and increased role from part one.

  • Gaming

-A lot of my anime watching time has gone to gaming this past month. Overwatch being the main culprit. Between Season 3 and the Winter Wonderland event, I probably put in too many hours of Overwatch last month. I also received Final Fantasy 15 along with Pokémon Sun for Christmas! I just reached the final chapter of FF15 today and beat Pokémon Sun yesterday! Both will be talked about in the near future on the blog. Now I have my sights on finishing FF15 and Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 10 Remastered, finally beating Fairy Fencer, and of course more Overwatch. 🙂

  • Readings

-I’ve mainly been reading My Hero Academia Volumes 5 and 6. I am SUPER excited for the anime to return with a second season very soon! I’m just over halfway thru Volume 5 and hope to finish up to Volume 6 before classes resume.

  • Blogging

-I talked a lot about the blog yesterday so I’ll try to keep this one brief. I’ve already decided on the character to be named the first Character for the Weeks! I’m aiming to have the post up by next week as well as the banner that has already been created. I started narrowing down my list of Top 10 Anime Female and Male Characters. I know for sure about 8 females and 6 males that will be on the list. It has been those last few spots that have been a doozy. Starting with a pool of 30 characters for each and narrowing down the list down to 10 always gets tough! I tested out uploading Overwatch footage onto animated’s YouTube channel! Although it is only a quick-play match it has found its way onto the channel! Finally I began brainstorming a little on a Month Theme for an upcoming month. Stay Tuned!

  • General

-On the general side, I’ve really just been focusing on relaxation this final week of break. Aside from having practice in the morning along with a few team meetings, I’m trying to stay in and relax. I know once classes start back up their won’t be a lot of time to kick back. Better enjoy it while it lasts! I’ve been also trying to get as far in games as much as I can or beat them before classes start. Just another way of relaxing on this final week! 🙂

That’s about it for your January update! Although classes are just ahead, I’m excited for what’s ahead in January both on and off the blog!

Thanks for catching up with me and seeing what’s up!




  1. Sounds like you got some awesome stuff for Christmas, I too have been neglecting anime of late, due to video games. Juggling two hobbies isn’t easy when your free time is limited!

    Liked by 1 person

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