30-Animated Days Challenge!: Day 15

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 10.33.16 PMHey Everyone!

The Animated Challenge has returned! We’re officially at the halfway point with today’s post. Like I mentioned in my 2017 Resolutions post, I WILL be finishing this challenge this year! With that, it is time to get to today’s theme for the challenge. Day 15’s theme for the Animated Challenge is: Video Games You Play When Friends Are Over. Their those certain games that playing them on your own is fun, but bring a couple friends over and fun is an understatement. I have a couple of these games that playing with friends brings the enjoyment of playing the game to a new level. Here are my top games to play when friends come over for a game night!

Mario Party

Image result for Mario Party 2

Oh my, you’ve landed on Chance Time. Which one of your friendships will be ruined when you trade your 2-stars for their 5-stars. Not to mention, two turns are left before the game ends.

Any variation of the Mario Party series is sure to make for a hilarious night. Also, it may unintendedly make for a test in strength of some friendships. Mario Party is always a must when three of my friends have gathered around and the old N64 is dusted off. Any variation of the series works, but you can’t go wrong with the classics. Mario Party makes for funny moments such as yelling when a friend steals a star from you, the friend in last place that somehow wins the game because they landed on more Happening Spaces, and when two turns into a game a friend lands on a space only for it to spawn a mystery box with a star.

Oh the joy of playing Mario Party! XD

Mario Kart

Image result for mario kart

Oh look at that, you’ve received a blue shell on the last lap with your friend in first place. Another game that tests the strength of friendship.(*Proceeds to launch blue shell*) 😀

Another franchise that any variation of the series will do. Mario Kart is another fun filled yelling session with a great group of friends. One of my favorite moments that tends to happen is when a friend thinks they are in first, only to realize they’ve been looking at your screen the entire race.  You’ll get the “Hey dude you know you’ve been hitting that wall since the beginning right?” Happens to the best of us! 😉


Image result for little big planet

I almost sold this game (The original LittleBigPlanet) a week after buying it. That was till one night two friends came over, we connected with a friend of ours online, and we played community levels. This led to a night of launching sackboys into oblivion, riding screaming cheetah karts, surviving exploding sharks, and bringing out our inner five year old by creating some type of atrocity we called a level.  Needless to say, I didn’t end up selling the game. Actually, my two friends ended up buying the game. LittleBigPlanet let the imagination run wild and made for some very fun nights with friends.

Just Dance

Image result for just dance

It’s always fun to go out dancing with friends. However, it’s more fun to dance with friends while swinging a Wii remote like a light-saber waiting for the eventual launch of one said remote. Just Dance was a big hit with us when the game launched for the Wii. We even played “It’s Raining Men” at Supercon one night. Somehow my friends and I thought it was a great idea to dance in front of the entire Con. Although we were probably terrible, it was one of my favorite Supercon memories. See half the fun of Just Dance is trying to dance with friends. The other half of the fun is trying to dance while dodging a Wii remote your friend keeps violently swinging because they are far to into the song.


Image result for rockband

MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE! Oh the memories of dancing around playing plastic instruments while trying to sing your favorite songs. The years of Rockband’s success made for some great memories. I played guitar and sometimes sang because I was the only friend that didn’t care what I sounded like. (Spoiler alert: I’m probably not the best of singers :)) The true fun of Rockband came when playing with friends, sounding like a bunch of screaming banshees while singing, and waiting for the drummer to launch yet another drumstick into the air. Some nights we played into the early morning with 30-Song set lists. The game definitely made for some fun late nights! It also in a way brought out the best of our friendships. Not caring what we looked like dancing around or how we each sounded singing.

No matter what you’re playing, enjoying a game with friends always makes for some great memories. My friends and I still look back at the days we use to play these games reminiscing on how much fun we had. I now feel like getting the group together and dusting off the old plastic guitar. 🙂

That’s all for Day 15 of the Animated Challenge! Stay tuned for Day 16!

I’ll be off tomorrow to prep for the start of a new semester on Monday! Posts will resume on Monday with the naming of the first animated Character for the Weeks!




  1. Good choices. You can’t go wrong with Mario Kart. Back when I played a lot of couch multiplayer with pals we used to battle on Bomberman and Smash Bros.

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