Animated’s First Character for the Weeks!


Hey Everyone!

Today is an awesome day! Today, the first Character for the Weeks on animated will officially be named! My tweet before this post and the banner should give it away! However, without further delay.



Felt from Re:Zero

 So here’s some backstory before I go into why I picked Felt as the first Character for the Weeks.

First off, although she has a very limited role so far, Felt has become my favorite character from Re:Zero…


I know, I know! Hear me out, then you can unleash Demon Rem fandom on me. (For the record Rem is definitely a close second.)

I started watching Re:Zero’s first part during the time which the second part was airing. I was curious since about eight to ten friends were watching Re. Two of my friends adored Rem, while all the others liked Subaru but also Rem the same. Whenever the topic of Re:Zero was in our group chat it was basically flooded with Rem. Mind you, I haven’t even started the anime at this point, I have no idea who Rem is at the time. (I don’t think she debuts till around episode 4-6 from what I remember.) So I figured, heck with it all my friends are watching it, might as well see what this anime is all about. Right off the bat, when Subaru is getting beat up and thinks Felt is there to save him but she’s like see-ya (live strong), I was like “Yup, I’m going to end up liking her.” I loved her funny spunky attitude. So I get a few episodes in (finally meet Rem), reach part 2, and my friends ask who my favorite character is. I say, “I think Rem and Ram are awesome, Subaru is cool, but my favorite is Felt.” I think I sent everyone in the chat into a state of confusion. Everyone was like, “Dude she’s in the show for like five minutes.” Sure Felt is barely on screen when you take all the episodes into account, but off the first minutes of meeting her that’s really all it took. After watching more episodes and getting to know her character more, it all but confirmed she was my favorite. I really liked Rem as well, but I loved how unique it was to have Felt as my favorite.  Somehow a lot of my friends thought it was cool I went against the norm of the chat on this. Well, that’s kind of who Felt is, she stands against the rich in the anime. I realized we had traits in common and ultimately Felt became one of my favorite anime characters. (Spoiler Alert… :))

Her whole back story, continuing on everyday without even truly knowing where she came from, was really intriguing to me. Felt tries to get by everyday living in the slums when shortly after meeting Subaru she finds out she may be heir to the throne. Even when she becomes a candidate for the throne, Felt never changes her personality to please others. The characteristic of Felt I admire the most is she lives to who she is, not to who other people want her to be.

So after some backstory, why did I end up picking Felt? Well, I felt (no pun intended) last year their were some instances I was acting in a way maybe to please others rather then being myself. I started watching Re:Zero right around the time I started to progress in thinking more positive. I think that’s why I was so drawn to Felt. I met her character at the perfect time. Although I was going through some positive change, one thing Felt reminded me to do was not to lose myself in this change. In the end your making changes to become a better you, not to make a better you by someone else’s criteria.

I chose Felt for the first character because her character meant a lot to me last year. Sure, she’s barely in the anime (for right now), heck she wasn’t even really a main character. The few moments she was on screen though really stuck with me, as well as her personality. I thought sharing my “heartfelt” (ok yes, that pun was intended :)) story about a small character that made a big difference for me would be a great way to start off the new series! You just truly never know which characters, small or large roles, are going to have an impact on you! One of the beauties of anime! 🙂

That’s all for this sketch! Felt will be Character for the Weeks until Monday January 23rd when the second Character for the Weeks will be named!

Keep an eye out for Felt in the next coming posts the next two weeks! 😀

Hope you enjoyed this new series! Let me know how you FELT about it!


I swear last one….yes….I know….I’m done XD

-Animated 😉


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