OverThink: Quick-Play #1 Analysis

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to a new series of posts called OverThink! In these type of posts I’ll be analyzing gameplay footage from recorded Overwatch games. I’ll be pointing out good plays and mistakes from both my friends and myself. I’d also love to hear advice from others on suggestions to improve! These posts will focus on becoming better Overwatch players. Not only to help my friends and I, but also to help anyone else playing or wanting to play Overwatch. Hopefully we can all improve our skills through these posts!

So this video was mainly a test on how to upload from PS4 and Sharefactory to YouTube. It is Quick-play footage from a while ago (probably like August), but it’s still good to learn from it. Also I realized now some of the really cringe worthy tendencies I had back a few months ago. Although I probably don’t make these mistakes as often anymore, it’s still good to learn from past mistakes to make sure they don’t happen again!

So with that, we’ll start off with the improvements needed to be made. You can follow along with the video since the times are marked!

Moments for Improvement:

Round 1 Start

1:56-2:14– I swapped my focus on an enemy way too much. First I was shooting the lucio, then the other lucio, then the Reinhardt, then the D.VA. Basically the damage I did to the Lucios resulted in nothing since I switched my focus because Lucio can regain health.

2:50– Not really sure I could have done anything, but I probably should have turned around a little earlier to try to save Mercy and Zen.

Around 3:25ish–  That small sequence just seemed like I didn’t really know how to go about things. Just random Matrix raises and shooting.

4:09-4:13– I know myself, when you see me move up and down as D.Va I’m trying to project her ult. Only problem is their really wasn’t anything there to ult. Not sure why I was trying to project it.

4:19– OH YUP THERE IS THE ULT! I’m thinking I was trying to estimate when the rest of the team would have been already past the doorway. A bit of a waste unfortunately. I correctly estimated the Reinhardt spawn though!

5:35– I held onto my ult too long, but it was a great hold by the team to put away round 1! Just could not find the right opening.

Round 1 End:

Overall it seemed like I was just to indecisive at the beginning of the match. I also wasted a small amount of time lining up an Ult that really could have been more effective at another time.

Round 2 Start:

6:26– Where am I going? XD Dude follow the team… There you go! Haha!

6:55-6:59– I promise, my aim has improved leaps and bounds compared to when this was taken. The cringe was real!

8:04– Should have put up the matrix to eat up Junkrat’s mine.

8:05– I probably should have stuck with the team on the point because the enemy team got a couple picks while I was chasing Junkrat. Tough call though because Junkrat was pretty low.

Round 2 End:

Overall, a pretty great round and win. Not too many bad decisions by myself or the team. Just that aim at 6:55-6:59 made me shake my head for a solid minute. XD

Now onto the Good Moments of the match! You can once again follow along with the video!

Good Moments:

1:30-1:35 – Although very small, I’m happy I was able to recognize to keep the Matrix up to help the team setup. Since the enemy team was running a Reinhardt as well as me being the only tank it was important to absorb some shots with the matrix to avoid an early pick.

2:40– Not the prettiest of D.Va ults, but I mean hey it resulted in a Triple! 🙂 Eventual POTG.

3:33-3:43– Good focus on taking out the enemy D.Va.

3:55-4:00– YEA! Don’t let the D.Va in the backline! Make her pay for over extending!

5:00-5:35– Very nice hold by the team!

Round 1 End:

Though I seemed to be indecisive at the beginning, I seemed to finally get rolling after a few minutes. I must say, the support play on this team was great! Especially Zenyatta’s discord orbs! I saw a good 4 or 5 times the enemy directly in front of our team was discorded.

Round 2 Start:

5:59– A D.Va dance party before the match is always a must! XD

6:36-6:55– Although I lost my mech, we were able to keep Mercy alive through a D.Va and McCree going for her.

7:21- Nice! Heard the enemy D.Va coming and immediately went back to the point with the team.

7:30– Good, focus the enemy support first (also happened to be the discorded enemy, nice one Zen!), then focus D.Va out of mech.

7:40-7:50- Honestly, we just got 3-picks so if I was Soldier 76 I would have saved the ult. However, he did manage to get an enemy Reaper and an Ulting McCree so I guess worth it.

8:44– Wow, I actually impressed myself by not only noticing the Pharah but also getting as many hits as I did.

8:58– NICE! Read the Reaper ult coming! Keep the matrix up to protect and let DPS do their job.

Round 2 End:

Very nice team hold and win! Seemed like I finally got myself comfortable that match.

So there you have it! The first installment of OverThink. The next video I’ll be talking about is already on the channel if you’d like to see it ahead of time. The next video will be a recent competitive match with myself playing as Mercy also with 4-teammates.

I’m not sure if this will be the layout I continue on with for these posts. I might combine the good and bad moments so the timing flows easier. I’d just point out whether it was a good or bad play. Also I was thinking of maybe talking over the video so I could point out things easier. Again, it is the first post of this series so there is definitely room for improvement!

If you have any suggestions on how OverThink can improve feel free to share your thoughts!

That’s all for this sketch!



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