30-Animated Days Challenge: Day 16

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Hey Everyone!

We’re back with another day of the 30-Animated Days Challenge! I was pretty surprised when I read what Day 16’s theme was going to be. I don’t really remember why I put this topic into the challenge, but heck I’m going to roll with it! Today’s theme for the Animated Challenge is: Describe an instrument you play and an instrument you would want to learn.


A few years ago (maybe about 7-8 years) I decided to pick up guitar. I had really got into The Beatles at the time. My uncle and cousin has always been great guitar players. During Christmas my uncle and cousin decided to play songs on their guitars for the entire family. That was when I finally decided to take up lessons on the instrument. I ended up doing guitar lessons, took a guitar class at school as an elective, visited my cousin for help, and mainly learned a lot on my own. I rarely play nowadays, but sometimes if I’m in the mood I’ll dust old Abby (my semi-hollow electric guitar’s name) to just mess around for a little. The coolest song I learned on guitar ( as of right now) was definitely The Beatles song Blackbird. A close second was Sorairo Days, although I only learned the portion played in the opening of Gurren Lagann. My most random song I learned was the Pokémon Center song. I was bored one day and decided to start looking up some video game music tabs. I thought of the Pokémon Center theme and decided to look it up. It is actually a pretty fun and easy little melody to play! I probably should play my guitar way more often then I usually do! I may just have to jam out after writing this post. 🙂


One of the instruments I’ve always wanted to pick up is the piano. For some reason I have always found the instrument interesting, however I’ve never decided to learn piano. I’ve tried fiddling around with the piano though! Sometimes if I’m bored, I’ll look up YouTube tutorials on how to play certain songs on the piano. I wouldn’t necessarily say it is learning how to play the piano, but it is fun if you want to mess around for a little. I think my two songs I’d love to learn on piano are Angelbeat’s opening theme and the beginning of Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. My reach song would definitely be learning to play Hey Bulldog by The Beatles on piano. I’m not sure if I’ll ever pick up piano, but it is one of the instruments I’d love to one day learn.


The second instrument I’ve always wanted to learn is the violin. The violin is such a beautiful instrument, but I think I’ve always been intimidated by how hard it looks to play. If I ever got the chance, I’d love to learn (even just a small bit) of violin. The song I’d really want to learn is He’s a Pirate from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ve also heard the Attack on Titan opening song on violin and it sounds amazing!

Well, this was certainly a different but neat topic to write about! Instruments and music are awesome topics that I probably should write more about on the blog. I’m pretty happy that somehow this topic ended up as a theme for the Animated Challenge!

That’s all for this sketch! Stay Tuned for Day 17!



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