Animated Talks: Thanks for the Love!


Hey Animated-World!

This week begins the third week of being back on animated! I am really happy with the way the first two weeks of being back on the blog have been!

In just two weeks, we’ve already had the chance to try out two new series on the blog, Character for the Weeks and OverThink. Along with the new, some of the good ol’ animated series have returned in these first two weeks such as The Good The Bad The Animated, 30-Animated Challenge, and Gif Karaoke.

I’m very happy with the mix of classic and new series on animated and hope to continue it moving forward! I’ve also wanted to keep trying new things on the blog such as maybe do a livestream at some point. I already feel comfortable hearing my own voice in all the Overwatch videos so far, which means maybe a livestream is in the near future!

The main point of this post though is I wanted to say thank you. Ever since I’ve returned from being away for about 4-5months, I’ve been welcomed back with open arms. I wanted to say thanks for the love everyone! No matter which way you’ve shown it, thank you! It means a lot and I greatly appreciate it!

I hope to continue to try new things on animated in the near future as well as bringing back some classic animated posts. (Hint, hint: Next month’s theme has been decided on.)

Just a short post today, but I’m going to cut it off here before I start blabbering away!

Thank you once again for the love and support! That’s all for this sketch!



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