Overwatch: Year of the Rooster Event!! D.VA GOT A LEGENDARY SKIN!!


Hey Animated World!

WE HAVE OUR FIRST OVERWATCH EVENT OF 2017!!! Yes, if you follow me on Twitter, you have noticed I am a tad excited for this..


Just a tad..

Ok yes, I am ecstatic for this event! Just two weeks after Winter Wonderland, we are already getting another event?! Well done Blizzard, well done! Some rumors were that this event would only be a minor event because of this timing. However, it has been confirmed that this will be a full fledge event just like Summer Games, Halloween, and Winter Wonderland!

So if you know me well, you’ll know a reason why I am so excited for this event.

D.VA IS FINALLY GETTING A LEGENDARY SKIN! FINALLY! The sad part is, the patch with D.Va’s nerf is probably going to release alongside the event. (I’ll give my opinions on the upcoming patch in a post very soon.) Long story short, D.Va is becoming mortalized and will finally have strong counters. As a D.Va main am I sad? Yes. Do I think the nerf is fair? It is a little harsh, but yes, D.Va was too overpowered. She is my favorite character, but I’ll admit it, she was a tank that could pretty much do anything.

Anyways, back to the main topic as I want to save my full opinion for an upcoming post. Blizzard finally showed D.Va some love with what looks to be an a-mei-zing looking legendary skin. I helps heal the wounds a little from the big nerf coming for her very soon.

Speaking of A-Mei-Zing, it looks like Mei will also be receiving a legendary skin. AS BLIZZARD AND THE OVERWATCH TEAM PROMISED!


After the mixed reviews (although leaning toward the negative side) her Winter Wonderland legendary received, Blizzard made a statement saying they had a future plan for Mei coming early 2017. Well (round of applause) Blizzard, you kept your promise to your community! What looks to be Mei’s Year of the Rooster Legendary skin looks, well… A-MEI-ZING! XD

No other skins or goodies have been leaked/announced. From the looks of these two skins, however, I am super excited to see the rest of the goodies! No word out on the brawl, but lets hope we get another PVE type game mode in the arcade!

So yes, my favorite character got what looks to be a legendary skin, but that is not the only reason I am very excited for this event.

Back when Winter Wonderland released (I believe it was on December 14th), it felt every time you logged in to Overwatch you were celebrating the holidays. The atmosphere of the event made that holiday spirit really come out. Almost like a new little way to celebrate the holidays. Well, I’ve never really celebrated a Chinese New Year. The best part (in my opinion) of this event is, players like me that don’t usually celebrate this holiday have a small way of celebrating it. I know it is just an event in a game, but it is awesome to be able to take part in a small celebration I didn’t really ever take part in. I can’t wait to get that holiday vibe from this celebration! It really does feel like these events aren’t really just events. These Overwatch events feel a lot more like a celebration!

I didn’t think I could be more excited for an event when Overwatch teased Winter Wonderland. Well done Blizzard, you have proved me wrong! 😀

The celebration begins next Tuesday! XD That’s all for this sketch!




  1. I’m not a fan of D.Va in a skirt, but the Mech design is cool. Sounds like Mei’s costume is causing drama because it makes her look slimmer. I always assumed Mei only looks chubby because of the bulky coat. Blizzard are however apologizing to the SJWs and saying that the outfit makes her look thin due to a “bug.”

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    • Yea she looks a little out of place in what i call “gremlin mode” 😂 but i love the mech’s design! I say the same exact thing to my friends about Mei-s skin. I always thought she bulky from the clothing. I feel like mei is always at the center of skin controversies. 😔

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