Animated’s Final Character for the Weeks of January!


Hey Animated World! Welcome to the second installment of the new monthly series, Character for the Weeks! We got our series kicked off with the awesome Felt from Re:Zero being named our first Character for the Weeks! Now we are moving onto our second ever Character for the Weeks! This will be the last Character for the Weeks for the month of January. This series is here on the blog to stay, however this will be the last Character for the Weeks for a little while. This is simply because, February will be the reboot of our Month Themes on animated. I’ll be alternating months between having Month Themes and Characters for the Weeks so either one of the series do not turn stale.

Anyways, with all that said, onward to the naming of our second ever Character for the Weeks!

Animated’s Second Character for the Weeks is…


Lelei La Lalena from GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite

**Contains Minor Spoilers to GATE**

I recently just finished watching the second season of GATE. (I had it on the back burner for a long time.) I overall enjoyed the Second season mainly because Lelei’s role in the anime got a major lift as she became a more pivotal character than she was in the first season. Seeing Lelei’s sorcery in small bits in Season 1 left me wanting to see what Lelei’s magic was capable of. And goodness gracious, did Season 2 of the anime give Lelei fans exactly what we wanted. A big look into the type of Sorcery she had been working on during Season 1 and the time frame between Seasons 1 and 2.

I picked Lelei because she is a quiet character, but very powerful. Lelei has a large amount of knowledge at her disposal and is always bugging Itami to take her to a bookstore when they cross the gate. Though soft spoken, Lelei speaks loudly with the way she carries herself. She became one of the youngest sorceress to apply for her master status. In a way, it relates to a lot of things going on right now for me.

For example, my friends and I have not had the best of days on Overwatch these last two days. What does this lead to? The usual bickering and tilting that comes along with doing anything at a competitive level. However, I’ve noticed, I am way too talkative on the mic in Competitive games lately. I realized last night I’m really starting to tilt pretty bad lately. Not only in Overwatch, but just general frustration from other happenings going on. I got mad at myself last night because I know when I tilt for any reason, I say things I know for sure are stupid and I wouldn’t normally say. After kicking myself in the back of the head for about 20mins, I remembered my ongoing goal of being more positive. I quickly changed my thinking from being mad I tilted to being glad I had recognized I’d been in the wrong frame of mind lately. Learn from the mistake and be better tomorrow is what I told myself. One small step at a time.

So my small step? Get back to having a good time on Overwatch. I’ve noticed when our group as a whole lets our play do our talking, we usually don’t tilt. We usually win also. I don’t want to fully mute my mic because if you’ve played Overwatch you know communication with the team is key. My mind set for tonight: let you’re play do most of the talking, communicate with the team, and only make a remark about a play if it’s a positive remark. Like Lelei would do, let the actions speak louder than the mouth.

Phew, that seriously felt relieving to blow off some steam.

…Yes that was also a final shoutout to Felt for being Character for the Weeks! XD

That’s all for this sketch! Think positive today if you aren’t already! 🙂



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