OverThink: Competitive #1 Analysis – D.Va Season 3 on Temple of Anubis

Hey Animated World!

Welcome to the second post in our new series OverThink. Although this is technically the second post, this will be the first competitive gameplay post! Also, this is the first time you will be able to hear our audio. With that, here is a small disclaimer: Since we’re playing competitive, yes some cuss words will slip. I know to some this isn’t a big deal, but just incase you do not want to hear this I wanted to clearly state it before the analysis. If you wish not to hear potential slips in language used no worries! Feel free to mute the volume and follow along with the analysis. I’ve changed the way the analysis is formatted for this very reason. The analysis now will be more of a narrative of what is going on rather than cut time sections with descriptions. Also note, this gameplay is from before D.Va’s nerf.

With that, welcome to our first competitive OverThink post! 🙂


We’ve drawn Temple of Anubis, which before was our worst map. However, we’ve been playing some really good defense as of late. Coincidentally we start off defending and I decide to go D.Va. If you’d like to skip ahead to the match start, it starts at 1:50 (if not you’ll be treated my random landing techniques with D.Va XD). So the match starts off like any other match on Temple of Anubis with the attacking team trying to position into the right room (right room on defense, left on offence.) Genji tries flanking us but quickly our Zen discords. We end up getting two nice early picks. The brawling continues till Soldier 76 picks off the enemy Reinhardt forcing them to back off.

The enemy Genji and Soldier 76 try flanking once again. Noticing enemy Solder 76 has discord on him I try to chase him down. Only problem was so did everyone else, which left our Zen vulnerable for a bit. Luckily he doesn’t get picked, and our Reinhardt gets off a nice ult on point. We manage a nice hold. Once the enemy groups up, I’m pretty low on health so back off. Our Zarya ults, which personally I would have liked to have waited on, but no worries. Zarya however ends up getting picked, along with enemy Soldier 76 ulting, and a charging Reinhardt. Now we’ve got to hold down the point. I manage to focus and pick the enemy Reinhardt with our Soldier 76 picking off enemy Ana. We’ve managed to hold yet another push.

After looking around for flankers, our Ana manages to pick off nicely the enemy Genji. Now enemy D.Va decides to ult, and a team fight ensues. I manage to fly away but our Zen gets picked off. Enemy Ana has also ulted as well. Seeing a big cluster, I decide to use my ult to space them out and actually manage to get a pick. Enemy Reinhardt gets picked off as well, with Ana giving me a nano boost. (I use to panic when I got Ana’s ult because you’re looked to make plays with it, now I actually look forward to being given Nano Boost.) We manage to hold yet another push.

A little funny moment around 4:50. Enemy Soldier tries to get high ground, however with a call out from our Ana, our Soldier manages the pic. A bit of confused play on my part as I wasn’t sure exactly where he was and ended up getting there late. But we managed! Another push, another hold! Only we end up losing our Reinhardt for a bit. Both teams regroup for one last push!

Fast forward to 10 seconds left, and it is time to hold down the fort! Or so we thought. Enemy Reinhardt gets picked off early with the enemy Soldier getting picked as well. None of the enemy team manages to get on point and we hold point A! 🙂

Round 1 END:

With a few minor mistakes, we’ve managed to hold point A on Defense. We had a few picked on our team that could have been bad, but we managed to hold them off!

Round 2 START:

You know what they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. We keep our same team composition for offense. If you’d like to skip ahead to the start it will be at, 7:50. (If not you’ll be treated to an off topic conversation two of my friends our having. XD)

Ok so small but big moment for me at around 8:02. Somehow I always manage to either boost or accidentally shoot an enemy Ana has put to sleep (this awakes them). I somehow managed to resist, let the enemy Soldier sleep, and Ana does her little nade-shoot combo on him. I was very happy I didn’t screw that up! XD We’ve managed to get a early pick! OUR PUSH BEGINS! You’ll have to excuse my aim from around 8:20- 8:25. I couldn’t track the enemy Lucio at all XD. However, at 8:25 I have my moment of the game!

Seeing our Reinhardt stunned, I knew the enemy Reinhardt was going to charge him. I decide to booster over to the enemy Reinhardt hoping to help out a teammate. Somehow I manage to bump him just in time to throw off his path, saving a pinned teammate! A funny conversation follows :).

We’ve managed to pick the team and start capturing the objective.


We thought we were done, only the have Mei and D.Va pop up on point toward the last few seconds. We manage to hold, and I noticed Mei pretty early. However, I do feel dumb for emoting that early on the point -_-. Good thing is, I’ll never do that again! We hold the last push and manage to get the victory! 🙂

Round 2 END:

With the exception of the emote gone wrong, our attack was actually pretty flawless. You are treated to a nice Play Of The Game by one of my friends as well!

Team Player of the Game: Ana

  • It’s hard to pick one because everyone did a very nice job. Especially our Soldier getting many picks. However, I noticed I went 17-0 (I didn’t die). That’s in huge part to Ana healing. We were all able to stay up on defense because of great healing, and Ana also gave me a Nano-Boost at a great time. Ana even got picks herself and led us in objective elims! 😉

Enemy Player of the Game: Mei

  • You never say never, I’ll give Mei credit for throwing herself on the point for a last ditched effort. It caught us sleeping, and taught me a pretty nice lesson as well!

Self Analysis:

  •  Overall I’ll give myself a 7.75/ 10 on this game. I had some nice holds with the team, was able to get some good use from Nano, and didn’t pop out of Mech once (except when I ulted). I docked myself a lot for the emote, but I also think I could have used my ult a little better that game. Overall though, a solid game and we got the Victory! 🙂

That completes the second entry of our OverThink Series! Hope you enjoyed! If you can let me know which form of writing you liked better! Would you rather the Narrative Format (this post) or Bullet Point format (first post: https://animatedit.wordpress.com/2017/01/10/overthink-quick-play-1-analysis/)?

Thanks for the feedback!

That’s all for this sketch! 🙂




    • Thank you! She is definitely my favorite hero! Yea, that was a pretty big nerf scaling her armor back to 200. However, the next patch she is receiving a small buff to her matrix which should help out!

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