Characters for the Weeks of January Encore!


Hey Everyone!

Tomorrow will be the final day in the month of January! We’re soon going to be in February which is a big month on animated! (I don’t want to spoil anything yet!) February will also bring with it the return of Month Themes! But, before I can talk ahead of myself about February, we still have some business to wrap up in January. Mainly, I want to give a last shout out to our Characters named Character for the Weeks for the month of January. Felt and LeLei!

I went over in each of their own posts about why I decided to choose these two characters. However, one similarity caught me just now as I was getting ready to write this post for the blog. Both characters come from an anime about being transported into a foreign world. One via a gate and the other… well… I still don’t know how the heck Subaru got there.. XD.. but yea, you get where I’m going. I was originally just going to write a small encore post. However, after realizing this similarity, I thought it’d be neat to write a post about this similarity with the help of these two characters to give them one final encore!

With that:

The setting of this post will be a GATE the transports you into a foreign anime world has appeared on earth. However, in order to tie in both anime, a limit has been put on this gate. Like Subaru, only you may pass through this gate.

Feel free to  pick any anime world you’d like to transport yourself to and answer the questions to your own discretion. Make your own adventure! 🙂

Initial Reactions?

My initial reactions would probably be much like Subaru, when is the person that is going to tell me everything about this place going to pop up? But like seriously, I’m hungry..

First Actions?

I’d probably go to the nearest pub-like gathering place to try to gather some information. I’d definitely try to befriend someone here or at least make acquaintances.  You know hopefully this newly made friend feels for someone who just got transported to a foreign world and wants to feed them. 🙂


I’d probably want to be like a crossed mage/sorcerer/ sword fighter. I’d also want to be stealthy like Felt. I’m not sure of this is too O-P but I mean hey it’s cool right. 😀


I’d probably take up hunting jobs or missions around the town by day, and work at that pub I was talking about at night. It always interesting to work at gathering places in an anime, and it would also be beneficial for gathering more information.


I wouldn’t have chosen these two characters as the first Characters for the Weeks for nothing! Felt and Lelei would definitely be my sidekicks. Lelei with her vast knowledge and Felt with her spunk would make for a pretty fun team. I feel it’d be awesome to have one side of each extreme. The outspoken Felt on one hand and the soft spoken Lelei on the other. I think they’d mesh to be an awesome team. They each compliment each other’s weakness in a way.

First Mission?

Like McCree says, “their ain’t no time for standing around.” (Sorry had to get my Overwatch reference in.) We’re going straight for the flame dragon as our first mission!!


Or you know a baby dragon works well to…


On second thought, we’ll go catch a thief or something.

(That’s kind of ironic with having Felt on the team…. XD)

With that, I’d like to give one final encore to our Characters for the Weeks of the month of January:



One last thing before I wrap up this post!

I’ve really enjoyed making Character for the Weeks a new series on animated. I look forward to improving the series going forward. However, I’d like to hear what you thought of the new series so far. If you’d like to, feel free to leave some feedback by answering the following poll. You can even comment if you’d like any additional feedback you’d like to give on the series.

Thank you for your honest feedback as always! It goes a long way in improving animated and making it a better place to be! 🙂

That’s all for this sketch! XD




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