The Return of Month Themes!


Hey Animated World!

Welcome back an old series that hasn’t seen the blog in over a year, Month Themes! Like I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, not all months will have a theme. Months without a theme will have Character for the Weeks posts. Anyways, it is awesome to welcome back one of the first series I wrote about on animated! Although it has been gone for quite sometime, I’m super excited to have it return to the blog! With that, it is time to announce the Month Theme for February!

Drum roll, please! XD

The theme of the blog for the month of February will be: 



In honor of the beginning of the month marking the 2-year anniversary of animated, the theme for the month of February will be “An Animated Celebration.” With this theme you can expect the following celebrations and posts on the blog!

Decorations and Banners!

Any good celebration has decorations that give off a party vibe! In the animated style our decorations for this celebration will be a new banner series! The Celebration Series! If you are new to animated, banners are the different header pictures you’ll see in the header section. Their are multiple (10) banners for this celebration and they will randomly appear in the header section every time you visit animated. Make sure to see them all! If you’d like to see previous installments of the banners head over to the banner gallery! Also to decorate toward the theme the fireworks background currently on the blog will stay for the entire month!

The Return of Classic Animated Posts!

It has been a long time since I’ve shared my Top 10 Anime Females and Males! Well, those Top 10 lists will be returning to animated during this celebration!

It has also been quite sometime since an Animated Motivational post has seen the blog! I usually don’t plan these posts, but I hope to post one of these before the end of the celebration.

Along with the return of these posts you can expect more from the 30-Animated Days Challenge and possibly a GIF Karaokee time permitting.

This one is a bit of a stretch but if you want to see it I’ll push to making it happen! I’ve wanted to bring back Animated’s Anime World Theory. We’ll see what happens!

Animated’s First Ever Q&A

As you can tell from the amount of Overwatch Videos on Animated’s YouTube channel and from the OverThink series, I’ve become pretty comfortable hearing my voice in videos. One of my major goals in 2017 was to start the OverThink series. Surprisingly in just a month, I’ve become very comfortable with putting my voice in YouTube videos. So, I wanted to do my first Q&A video for the blog. I’ll have a separate post and tweet for you to post your questions onto. I won’t lie, I’m a little nervous, but really excited to do this for the first time!

Although their is still a bit more I have planned, I don’t want to spoil everything yet! Also a couple of ideas are still being though out. Like possibly an Animated Party! 🙂 We’ll see though, much more is still being planned in order to have an awesome celebration! The list above though you will see for sure on animated during the celebration!

Hope you’re excited for an awesome month! More celebration news on the way soon! Stay Tuned! 😀

That’s all for this sketch! I’ve got to go work on these broadcast settings on the PS4. 🙂




  1. Good to hear that you are getting into the swing of things over at Youtube. Many moons ago I used to upload game reviews on my now closed account. I was never comfortable talking into a mike so blogging fits my style better.

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  2. Thanks! I’m still a bit shy around the mic but hopefully more practice with the Overwatch commentary videos will make it easier! Any chance of going back to YouTube??


    • Sometimes I am tempted to give Youtube another shot, but I am so pressed for free time at the moment that I am unlikely to start a new channel anytime soon.

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      • YouTube does take quite a bit of time away. For me since the PS4 records the gameplay automatically its just a matter of trimming the clip so it isn’t too time consuming.

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