The Century Mark!: We’re 100 Strong!


Hey Animated World!

This week has been a very busy week so I apologize for the lack of posts! I haven’t been on animated very much this week with the exception of answering comments. I signed on yesterday mainly to read other blog posts when I realized this notification. Apparently this milestone was reached late last weekend.

I don’t like to look too much into numbers or stats, but I knew we were close to hitting this milestone. I really did not think it’d happen this fast though. So it caught me way off guard when I read the notification.

So, we’re officially 100+ strong on animated! XD


It is pretty crazy to think that 100 people at one point or another found animated worthy enough of a follow. It’s pretty incredible and I honestly don’t really know what to write. XD

Like becoming Diamond rank in Overwatch, 100 followers since the beginning of animated was a reach goal. Heck I remember when I reached 10 and I was on top of the world. XD To say we’ve come this far is pretty crazy. It makes it even crazier that we just so happen to hit this milestone during our anniversary month. Animated Celebration theme just got amped like times ten by the way! XD

All I can say is thank you! Thank you for giving me a chance, and sticking around! I hope you’ve enjoyed animated and continue to enjoy it in the future. I certainly will continue to do my best to assure animated stays a place of enjoyment. I hope to continue improving as a blogger to provide bigger and better things to you!

I wanted to do something special for the milestone, however like I said this really snuck up on me. So in honor of our century mark milestone, I’ll get right to the first Animated Q&A Video.

I think it is a great way for newcomers on animated to get to know me better as well as the veterans to let out any curiosity they’ve had about animated.

You can go ahead and write any questions you may have in the comments. Limit of up to 3 questions for every person just incase. I’ll also pin a tweet for Twitter followers to ask their questions on. You can pretty much ask anything, I don’t really mind. So shoot away! 😀

That’s all for this sketch! Thank you again and congratulate yourself! You are a big reason why animated is what it is today! Thanks! 🙂





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