Animated Talks!: It has been an absolute crazy weekend

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Hey Animated World!

I apologize for getting back to comments super late! Also apologies for not having content up this weekend! This weekend has been absolutely bizarre, crazy, weird, and surreal. Not all bad, not all good. Just crazy.

A sibling of mine got engaged  on Friday to start the weekend off. It was really crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I am super happy for my sibling! It is just really bizarre because you don’t really expect it to effect you till it actually happens. I guess I’m just still becoming accustomed to it.

That pretty much set the tone for the weekend. I’ve been unexplainably super tired almost all weekend. Yet, I can’t sleep at night. I think it is due to a lot of factors. The stress of midterms is also upon me with this week being the start of midterm week. Which has lead me to stress about the blog because I know this week is going to be hard to post content due to studying. I tired to de-stress with some Overwatch, but for I’ve been super-off my game this weekend as well. I’ve only played once and lost once in competitive this weekend, but I’ve been playing very off in quickplay. So now something that should de-stress me is stressing me out. Might as well pile on the plate the stress of Valentines Day.

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^ Pretty accurate depiction of yours truly this weekend. 🙂

I finally said the heck with it all and went out Saturday night with two of my friends just to turn off all the outside noise for a bit. It was very much needed. All those stresses listed above were all probably minor stresses. What was stressing me out the most, however, was the fact these tiny stresses were all eating away at my attitude. Some negative thinking finally peaked its way through. I am happy though because I caught myself before I started to drown in it. It was one of those weekends I felt I took two steps backwards.

I can’t say I’m completely stress free now. However, I feel in the right mind set to get back to blogging. Small victories! I’m sure in the end it will just end up being an off weekend and by tomorrow I’ll be re-animated.

Anyways, thanks for lending an ear! I know this type of post doesn’t exactly scream ANIMATED CELEBRATION MONTH! However, I just needed to get some thoughts typed out.

Thank you again for listening!




  1. I’m happy to hear that you managed to blog despite all of that stress! That’s right, as long as you have the good mindset, eventually the stress will diminish and things will be better! 😀 The Saturday night you had seems like a fun day!

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  2. Congrats to your sibling. I wouldn’t worry about results in Quick Play because unlike competitive you can get stuck with people who just mess about.

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