Animated Q&A Question Opportunity


Hey Animated World!

Today is just going to be a quick post about info for the Animated Q&A. I wanted to dedicate a single post to having a specific place to ask questions for the Animated Q&A I’ll be having this month. Also I wanted to have an option for those that want to ask a question anonymously. I don’t want any opportunity to ask a question to be limited, but here are a few small rules for the Q&A just to make it go smoothly.

  •  Each person is limited to 2 Questions
  •  You can ask any questions you’d like. It can be, but is not limited to, questions that are themed toward animated or anything like anime or video games. Just stay within the realm of questions I am allowed to answer on the blog. If I can’t post the answer on the blog I can’t answer the question is the only limitation.
  •  I hope to have the recording done sometime this weekend. Let’s try to have all questions submitted by Friday, February 17th.

That’s pretty much it as far as rules go.

Ways you are able to submit a question!:

  • WORDPRESS: You may comment below on this post your questions to submit them. This way is probably the easiest. You can also use the Contact Me section of the blog to submit your questions.
  • TWITTER: Their will be a pinned tweet on my Twitter profile (@animated06) going up soon after this info is posted on the blog. You can either choose to reply to the pinned tweet with your questions, tweet to me your questions normally (just let me know it is for the Q&A), or DM me your questions.

If you would like to remain anonymous in asking your questions!:

I’ve set up a poll below, which you can answer other and type in your question in order to ask anonymously. I’m trying to work on a better way to do this, but for right now this should work fine. If you have any trouble let me know!

If any other ways of submitting a question come up I will let you know in coming blog posts or on Twitter!

That’s pretty much it as far as info is concerned. I wanted to just put it all into one post to better organize the Q&A. If anything else changes I’ll make sure to let you know once again via in blog posts or on Twitter!

That’s all for this sketch! I’m excited and can’t wait to get to answering your questions! XD



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