Valentine’s Day!


Hey Animated World!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! ❤

I was on the fence last night about whether to write a Valentine’s Day post or not. I wanted to write about Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t want the post to come off as very cliché. So I took to google and started reading up on blog posts about Valentine’s Day. Right off the bat, the first search result was titled “The Worst Thing About Valentine’s Day”. My initial thought was a big NO. I didn’t want to sprinkle salt all over the blog. XD No matter what relationship status I may have on a given Valentine’s Day, I try not to “take a side” about the holiday. I try not to overly indulge in the holiday and I try not to undermine the holiday. I’m pretty neutral toward the holiday regardless of the relationship matter. However, re-reading the title of the post, I grew more curious toward reading it.  I thought ah what the heck, why not give it a read.

The post shows pictures basically depicting that the worst part of Valentine’s Day is not going crazy buying sweets and stuffed bears for a special someone. The post continues to more pictures depicting the worst part of Valentine’s Day is not watching a romance movie with a tub of ice cream by one’s self. At this point I’m intrigued. I thought, huh, they are acknowledging both sides of the holiday but not taking one. The post continued on to no longer pictures, rather a big fronted text.

” The worst thing about Valentine’s Day is ignoring it.”

I think I interpreted the quote in a way that was different from the way the author of the post did. However, I thought, hey I think I found my approach toward how I want to write about Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been on the side of Valentine’s Day of running around trying to buy the right chocolates, stuffed bears, flowers, and jewelry. I’ve been on the side where I’m sitting at home studying or watching anime on Valentine’s Day. Each side comes with its respective pros and cons. I’ve been on the side of being rejected on Valentine’s Day, and the side of being blessed by a timely cupid arrow (XD).

However, in none of these examples did I actually “celebrate” Valentine’s Day.

Last year a group of friends and myself decided to take a trip to Disney World. It just so happened the trip fell on Valentine’s Day. My friends and I decided to have fun with it. Heck, we were in the happiest place on earth, might as well celebrate. Note, half of us were single and half were in a relationship. You probably couldn’t even tell the difference though. We were going around having a blast, wearing Valentine’s Day buttons, and saying Happy Valentine’s Day to any cast members we encountered. It really just felt like we were celebrating love regardless of relationship status. I mean, isn’t Valentine’s Day a celebration of love anyways? I think it was the first time I actually celebrated Valentine’s Day.

So where am I going with all this?

It is true, ignoring Valentine’s Day would be the worst part of it. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Whether that be with your significant other, your family, your friends, or yourself. Ignoring the holiday is ignoring an opportunity to celebrate the love in your life. Even the simplest forms of love.

It would have been a mistake of me to not write this post. I would have essentially ignored the holiday by thinking my post would be too cliché to write. But I love animated. I love the community. It was an opportunity I wanted to take to celebrate this love. So I’m pretty happy right now I’m typing this up.

So to kind of sum all this up:

I wish you the best celebration possible of Valentine’s Day today. If you are celebrating with your significant other, enjoy and be thankful for having that person in your life. Yes, enjoy the chocolate also :).  If you are celebrating with your friends and/or family, enjoy and be thankful for having these people in your life. Yes,… enjoy the chocolate also :). If you are celebrating with yourself , enjoy and be thankful for having this person in your life.

…Yes… enjoy the chocolate also :).





  1. It’s been years since I was last in a relationship so Valentines doesn’t mean much to me. Chocolate is nice, but I choose to devour it all year round.

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    • Yea having a relationship would make it easier to celebrate, but it isn’t the only reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day. My chocolate restock dates are Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter XD haha.

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