What’s Up Animated?!: March Edition


Hey Animated World!

I have quite a bit of catching up to do being that the last What’s Up Animated post was during January! (Jeez, we’re just flying by 2017.) The month of February was a super busy one school wise, but with Spring Break approaching I hope to catch back up on the blog!

So, here is what’s been up!:


So last month like I said was a very busy one. I wanted to do a lot more posts pertaining to the animated celebration theme. However, priorities are priorities and school needed to be the sole focus for a lot of February. So I decided to come up with an idea so the we could fully enjoy the animated celebration theme.

Till the end of the spring break (about 2-weeks from now), welcome to the Animated Celebration After-Party! Same concepts and themes apply just I’m extending the it out a bit to celebrate the theme in its entirety. It gives me a chance to catch back up on a lot of posts! Due to this, March will not have Theme of the Month or any Character for the Weeks. I think after two months a nice little break to bust out content on the blog fits well! We’ll be back to Character for the Weeks in April!

I still have to get around to doing the Q&A video, which I don’t really have a timeline yet for. So basically questions can still be asked. I’m not sure when I’ll do this, but hopefully by the end of the month it will be done!


With the Overwatch offseason last week, I caught up on quite a bit of anime! 🙂

I finished FLCL and Engaged to the Unidentified, as well as started Bungou Stray Dogs and Little Witch Academia. I’ve really enjoyed all three, but jeez Stray Dogs has been just simply awesome.  It was recommended to me by a friend who knows I like an anime with action, super powers, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I think he hit the nail on the head in recommending it to me because right now it is making a case for breaking into one of my top 10 favorite Anime.

Quick note on FLCL, I was honestly lost more than half the time, but I loved every second of my confusion. XD


AHHHHH SWITCH DAY!!!! My Switch is suppose to arrive today so I’m like clawing to get out of class! Going to have some posts to write about the Switch, so you can look forward to them. Also, I finished My placements in Overwatch last night….this morning… it was like 3am, I’m on 2 hours of sleep! 😀 I was actually surprised by my placement of 2857SR (High Platinum). I thought I was going to place around low 2700/ high 2600 because for some reason I also start off with low placements. It was a nice surprise and a nice spot to start the climb back into Diamond! I wanted to broadcast my placements but like I eluded to in my previous post, placements can be stressful on us. I tried my best not to give into pressure, but hey sometimes my friends and I slip. Now that the stress of placements is over I want to broadcast soon because now I feel there will be a lot better play and commentary during games.

If you’d like to play with me (or just want to add it for fun) my secondary account is Kitsume6 on PS4. Feel free to add it! You can add my main account as well if you’d like, however I’m usually playing with friends on that account. If I’m on Kitsume I’m almost always free to play! 🙂 If you’ve added it already I apologize because I have not been on it lately. Obviously I’ve been on my main account doing placements.


So I’m still finalizing things but, next week I might be attending my first Con of 2017!! I’m super excited because it has been almost 9 months since I’ve attended a convention. I also get to travel a little bit for this one! 😀 I hope to finalize everything this weekend and give more details about it next week! If all works out, I’ll make sure to post (especially on Twitter) a lot of content while I am at the convention! Hopefully all works out! XD

That’s about it for what’s coming in the month of March! I really can’t wait till spring break! My head needs a break from numbers. @_@ No better way than starting out spring break next week than at a convention!

That’s all for this sketch!

I was going to try something different out for my outro, but I decided not to SWITCH it up..

…. 🙂

….I’m sorry. I’ll leave now. XD






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  1. Life can be busy. I am thinking about wating until Switch gets cheaper or at least see what people think. Too bad I don’t have Overwatch to play. If I did, I think I would play as with Zenyatta, McCree, or Pharah.


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