Animated’s Top 10 Anime Males! (6-10)

Howdy Animated World!

Welcome back! Last time, we left off on my top anime females 6-10. Now the males get shown some love with my top anime males 6-10. It took a little longer than anticipated due to one character on the list. I’ll note it when the time comes and explain! Till then, here are my 6-10 favorite anime males!

10. Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)

I always feel I get the “really?” when people ask me who my favorite Attack on Titan character is. I usually get the confused look when I say my favorite AOT character is Armin. I tend to be fascinated by technicians or analytical characters of a series. This is probably mostly due to studying engineering. Armin is one of those characters that may not have the physical or emotional traits of others, however has a clear analytical and knowledge advantage over others. I also can relate to Armin’s story in a way. Armin having low self-esteem during training days reminded me of the early days of engineering school. The constant questioning of whether you belong. It isn’t till you start gaining experience and meeting people in the field that you come to realize how you can be a valuable asset. Much like Armin, I can be hard on myself most times, but gradually gain confidence. He, like Megumi from my females list, is not my top characters but my most relatable character.

9. The Elric Brothers (Full Metal Alchemist)

So yes, as usual, my top 10 list includes 11 characters. I just can’t choose to leave one of the Elric brothers off the list. So, like I’ve been doing since I started making my lists, I bundle them together into a spot. Also, I feel they are at their best when they are bundled together! Edward and Alphonse despite their difference from one another are significant compliments to each other. Edward is a bit stubborn but highly motivated, while Alphonse is calm but can be passive. When the brothers are paired together I feel their strengths compensate for the other’s weakness. The relationship Edward and Alphonse share I can compare a bit with the relationship I have with my best friend. We’ve been friends since we were five years old (he actually was my first friend in kindergarten). We compliment each other’s strengths despite being a little different in personality.

8. Kurapika (Hunter X Hunter)

This time around for my list I tried to keep it to just one character per anime. That was pretty tough on Hunter X Hunter seeing that 3 characters made my last list from the anime. For some reason, right off the bat Kurapika was always my favorite character. Bring in the red eyes, his resolve, and his chains? Yup, Kurapika is a pretty awesome character. Like a couple characters on both lists, Kurapika has a certain quote that makes him stand out to me.

“Sometimes, silence is the best answer.”

That quote resonates with me a lot because it reminds me a lot of growing up. My dad would always tell, “if you talk too much, you remove all doubts.” Sure I probably took it a little too to-heart and might have been too quite at times. Like the quote says, silence sometimes is the best answer not always. In Kurapika’s case, I like how he is usually a quiet character that speaks more from his actions. He sees more value in action than talk.

7. Soma Yukihira (Shokugeki No Soma)

The first newcomer on the list for the males! Yukihira finds his way into the top 6-10 as the only newcomer alongside four returning characters. Like Kurapika, a certain quote of his makes him stand out to me.

“If you truly want to chase after something until the end you have to put down restraints and everything else in order to pursue it.”

I love Yukihira’s motivation to pursuing something at 100% or not pursuing at all. It ties in a little with really anything might be pursuing. Like I’ve stated a lot in both character lists, it is definitely a quote that ties in with engineering for me. However, I’ll use a different example since I’ve already talked about engineering in Armin’s portion. I’ll go to blogging for this quote. I set some goals to keep at least one blog post every two weeks on animated. I went over just a little bit for this post because I didn’t want to just write it up to meet a deadline. I wanted to 100% be satisfied with my description of what each of the characters means to me. So I went a little over my 2-week period but I feel the post was written to 100% of what I wanted to say.

On a fun fact basis, Yukihira actually motivated me to try to cook more. It is one of my goals for 2017 and I’ve actually been cooking a lot more. Maybe I’ll share one of my dishes on animated. Don’t expect Food War caliber meals though! XD

6. Death the Kid (Soul Eater)

Symmetry… Symmetry. When a character leaves a fight to go see if his toilet paper is symmetrically folded, he’s earned a spot on Animated’s list. (XD) I love Kid because you can only take him but so seriously. He’s quite a funny character, however, also quite a strong character. I mean being Death’s kid, you tend to have some pretty cool moves. I like to think as Kid as having a strong hold on order, but never really taking himself too seriously.  I actually thought of Kid a bit when working on a group project over spring break. Our team really works hard, almost at times too hard, but we know when to tone down with each other. It’s a great balance that’s needed, especially when working with others. Back to Kid’s character though, dual-wielding guns and being known as one of the most powerful Meister at the academy, yea that’ll get you some animated points as well. 😉

Those are my Top 6-10 Animated Males! Sorry these posts take a while. Like I said, I try to really think about how I can relate to the characters on my list, rather than just giving a synopsis on the overall character. Each has a unique reason why they’ve ended up on my list and I like to share the little personal snip-its for each character. Just sometimes it takes a little longer to put everything into words >_<.

Anyways! We’ll be wrapping up the females with the 1-5 characters next! Stay Tuned!

That’s all for this sketch!




  1. Death the Kid is a fantastic character. I love that he’s arguably the most powerful ‘studen’t at the academy but he rarely wins any of his encounters due to his own issues with symmetry getting in the way of his fighting.

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  2. Kurapika is also my favorite from HunterxHunter. To be fair though, I stopped watching a little into the Chimera Ant arc. And while Armin is not a favorite of mine, there’s no arguing that he’s amazing in his own right.

    Liked by 1 person

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