What’s Up Animated?!: April Edition

Hey Animated World!

Welcome back to another month on animated! I know March was a bit of a slow month for the blog. I’m hoping to use April to catch back up a bit! Although final exams are just a few weeks away, I’ve been planning around it to help get more content back on the blog. Sure, it’ll definitely be really busy pretty soon, but I’ll do my best to keep my word on at least one post every two weeks!

The slow month though actually helped quite a bit. I have some new ideas I want to throw out to you all to see what you think.

So here is what’s been up!


First off, I will be finishing my top 10 list. Those posts have priority right now. However, like I said in my last post, I don’t want to rush the top 10 lists so they’ll be completed soon! As far as April goes, we’re bringing back Character for the Weeks posts starting Monday. I added a new little rule though. I’m going to try not to pick any characters that made an appearance on my top 10 list for Character for the Weeks. It just helps give more characters an opportunity to be recognized on the blog along with different anime and games.

For April I’m going to try to mix up the posts a little more. Bring back a little OverThink, Animated Challenge, and even might try out something new. I’ve been thinking about writing my thoughts about Season 2 of Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia since I’ll be following along with them. It won’t be a review just some thoughts of mine I have toward the episode. I know their are probably a bunch of these so I’m a little hesitant, but I might end up giving it a shot.

Also, the Banner Gallery has been updated! You are now able to see all the banners made for the 2-Year Animated Anniversary! Check them out if you missed seeing any while they were on the header section!

Lastly, I’m going to get back to reading other posts. Like I said, it has been a slow month here for me so I haven’t been around the blog as much. I’ve been slacking a bit on reading other blogs. I apologize but I look forward to getting back to reading other’s posts.


Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll be following along both Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia. Both anime had awesome debut episodes! I’m definitely hyped up for both these anime! I was able to finish up Bungou Stray Dogs last month, and it was a fantastic watch! Now I’m halfway through watching Log Horizon. One of my friends last weekend recommended to me Kyousougiga to watch. I really like the style so I’m excited to give it a shot once Log Horizon is complete!


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear….


Most of my time not devoted to studying has been spent gaming lately. It might be easier to just list everything rather than go through each individually.


I am Setuna (Nintendo Switch) – Final Dungeon (The Last Lands)

Final Fantasy 15 (PS4) – Currently leveling up to take on the final chapter.


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)- Unlocking my second Divine Beast

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 HD remix (PS4)- Traveling to the Deep Jungle in KH 1


Persona 5 (PS4)- “Just got to school…. XD” (You’ll get it if you’ve been playing it.)

And in the mix of all this, yes there is still Overwatch. I’ve been slacking a bit this season, but mainly because of so many other great games to play. I’m not too far off though. I’m only sitting 100SR out of Diamond. I’ve been playing a lot on my smurf account (low-mid Platinum) to get better with other heroes as well. A new event seems to be happening next week so I’m sure the Overwatch fever will soon be back on animated! 😉


My friends and I are hoping to go see Your Name this weekend for its debut! I’m super excited but a little nervous because all the hype! I honestly should probably take one of these days though and spend it at the movies. I still have to see Beauty and the Beast, Ghost in the Shell, and SAO to name a few. Other than that, like the blog, everything have been pretty quiet. Classes are going to pick back up starting next week till the end of April. I’ve basically just been trying to prepare for the final weeks of the semester alongside trying to recharge the batteries a bit for one final push. Classes have been going well so far! I just have to keep it up this final month! 🙂

Well, April is sure to be a busy one! Just going to have to do some extra time managing! 🙂

That’s all for this sketch! I’ve spared you from a bad Nintendo Switch pun for this month. I know some are still recovering for the last one. XD



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