Animated Talks: Back to the Ol’ Grind, One Final Time!

Hey Animated World!

If you told me about 2-3 years ago that I’d make it to my final year of engineering, I’d probably ask how many times did I quit in the process. 😆

Nonetheless, I can’t believe it is my final year in Engineering. Not only can’t I believe it is my final year, but also I can’t believe how excited I am for it.

These first couple days have actually been pretty eventful in terms that a major professor has a family emergency in his home country and won’t be teaching at all this semester. Yea this happened Monday…. when classes started. So all his classes (I’m in two of them), especially the super important Senior Design class, have all been in a frenzy. It’s been like playing a game of roulette finding out which professors are taking over these classes. Honestly their aren’t really any bad professors here, just more of teaching style preference. Well turns out the two professors filling in for my two classes are professors that I’ve had almost every semester here in engineering. Sure each has their pro and cons but my big thing is familiarity. I’ll more then likely get a professor that I’ve had a class with in every semester these past two years for Senior Design. I don’t agree with everything he does, but I’m very happy. At least I’ll know him and his teaching style very well.

The funny thing is, despite this whirlwind of roulette with professors going on, I’ve managed to keep very calm. I mean, there are people freaking out here because of senior design especially. If theirs one thing I’ve learned in engineering (and DMing for D&D), you can plan on 100 different scenarios, the 101st scenario will most likely happen. At this point it’s really out of our control. The most we can do is accept it and adapt to it.

Despite all this, I’m still really excited for this year. Senior year is very design and project heavy, which over the past years I’ve been very fortunate to meet a group of friends I work well with. We’re basically taking all the same classes and will be doing all the same projects as a group, including senior. Sure it’s a lot of work, but it is real world work. My professor in my evening class yesterday already told us our first project is to have a heat pump convert to solar energy. He straight-up told us, “I don’t have the answer to this problem, go find it.” To some that would seem kind of scary or even disheartening. I have to thank my internship over the summer for my outlook on this type of project. My outlook is, well yea… that’s how its going to be in the real world. Its an awesome opportunity to practice solving a problem that doesn’t have a solution yet. It is engineering in a nutshell.

Any who, I’ll do my best to try to keep up with animated in the craziness of senior year!

Not really sure how often I’ll be able to post but I’ll try to keep active! Especially on Twitter!

Also if I do any really cool projects, fair warning, I may nerd out on here. 😊

Until next time! Have an awesome semester everyone!

– Animated



  1. Best of luck with your studies. I am sure you’ll survive the change of professor frenzy. Over the years I have dropped out of several courses so I admire anyone who has the discipline to see their exams through to the end.

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