Animated Update: After Irma

Hey Animated World!

I can finally say I’m happy to be back after the craziness of Hurricane Irma!

It has been quite crazy the past two weeks over here. From the amount of preparation before the storm, the actual storm, and the aftermath of the storm, it was almost like a two week break from reality.

First and foremost, My family and I are safe and sound! We received from damage from the storm but nothing catastrophic. We had many fallen trees, however, only one tree fell onto anything of structure. A small awning in our backyard got destroyed due to a tree but nothing major. Also a bit of our draining system on the roof got ripped off, but again nothing major. We finally got power back yesterday which is why I’m finally able to be back here on the blog. I just wanted to share a little of the experience on the before, during, and after the storm.

Before the storm, things were hectic honestly. Gas and water were really hard to come by. Thankfully we prepared a day before the madness really started. Classes basically got canceled for the week with many professors evacuating. It was like school just completely stopped for two straight weeks.

During the storm, I think the worst part was the Hurricane decided to slow down. It went from 17MPH all the way down to 6MPH at one point. I don’t want to say the hurricane wasn’t fierce. We probably had sustained winds of 80 MPH with gusts over 100 MPH. It was the fact that it was constant for two straight days since hurricane was moving so slow that caused a lot of damage. Structures and trees can only withstand winds of that magnitude for so long, but not for 48 hours straight. Their was quite the storm surge but it went down almost right after the hurricane finally passed through. We lost power after the first night of the storm

After the storm, it seemed the main damage was due to many fallen trees. Pretty much no one had power, streets were treacherous due to fallen trees and no street lights working. I want to say trees and downed power lines were the most common damage in our area. The next week was basically set aside to recovering, cleaning, and restoring power.

I don’t want to go much into detail because honestly, I’m so done with this Hurricane!

Hopefully we won’t be hit by another one in quite sometime.

Anyways, it is nice to be back in reality and back typing on the blog! Many thanks to all you who showed support during the storm, it is greatly appreciated!

Back to regular content, and regular tweeting! 😀




  1. Glad to hear that the storm didn’t cause too much damage. No school for a week would be cool if you didn’t lose power during the period. I know what it’s like when supermarket shelves are bare. Right now with the Xmas rush shoppers keep buying more than they need at my local grocer.

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    • Yea not having class was nice, but you couldn’t really do anything since not a lot of people had power and the city kept setting curfews at night. The bad thing was now all my professors are in an arms race trying to finish everything this semester with the lost week.

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