BOO-to-YOU!: Confessions of an Animated Scaredy-Cat

BOO Animated World!

It’s Sunday, which means another BOO-to-YOU theme posting on the blog! Today’s posting unveils some of my most wonderful scaredy-cat moments! I tried to spread the stories to one being from the past and two being fairly recent. They also get scarier as you go in my opinion.  So here’s a few of my most memorable scaredy-cat moments!

Everyone Do the Dinosaur!

Alright we’ll start with one that has a good ending! In my middle school days I’d make a couple yearly trips to Walt Disney World. One ride that was very much not on my must-do list was DINOSAUR in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It was described to me by a friend as a noisy and dark experience. Oh yea, and a horde of jump scare Dinosaurs…. forgot to mention that. The thought of having huge animatronic screaming dinosaurs popping-out of darkness didn’t really settle well with me. So much so that when I went on a Disney trip with said friend, I sat out this experience.

High Speed roller coaster with a huge Yeti… Sure that sounds like fun! Moderately paced attraction with huge Dinosaurs in the dark… HELL NO!

It wasn’t till I was in high school that I conquered my fears of getting on this ride. Mind you, the first time I rode it, my eyes were shut for probably 70% of the ride.


Today, DINOSAUR is one of my top three favorite rides on property. YUP, the ride I was so scared of over time has become one of favorite attractions. I’ve had so many fun experiences on this attraction with friends that it is pretty much a must-do anytime we go on our Disney trips. However, I won’t lie, for first-comers this ride is scary. I’ve seen a bunch of people at varied ages get on the this ride for the first time and scream like a banshee. Having been on the ride so many times, I basically know where everything is. Usually if I’m around a parent with a kid who is not having it on this ride, I tend to give them little warnings of jump-scares to help out. I’ve been there so I know what that kid is thinking throughout the ride. (It’s usually something like… GET ME THE HELL OFF THIS.) Anyway as scary as I make this ride out to be, the attraction is super fun. Sure it takes a little getting use to, but it is one of the most fun rides on property!

Scaredy Cat Anime Moment

*I’m going to share two anime moments. One is from Akame Ga Kill and it will contain a spoiler! The other is from Re:zero which does not contain a spoiler.*


Here is your forgiveness sentence just incase you subconsciously started reading this section and meant to skip it. So, there is a very specific part in the scene where Chelsea thinks she has killed Kurome. When Chelsea starts walking away, Kurome actually has a pretty creepy jump scare where she looks possessed. Now I’ll admit, the second time watching it is not that scary. However, the first time I saw the scene it caught me so off guard. On top of watching it with my headphone’s volume all the way all, the scene scared the heck out of me. Possessed stuff in general scares the pants off of me anyway. Re-watching the anime, I noticed the scene really isn’t that scary. It’s mainly if you don’t see it coming, like I didn’t, that it has the potential to give you a nice jump.

(End of spoilers) Re:Zero:

Now Re:Zero isn’t as scene specific as Akame ga Kill. There is a sound in certain Re:Zero episodes that sounds so eerie. I know this won’t do it justice, but it is like an “leeeeeeehh” sound that happens when something twisting happens. It is a really eerie sound, especially when watching the anime at night. I mostly watched the anime at night, which is probably why the sound creeps me out as much as it does. Fun fact: You can get it as a ringtone on Zedge for your phone. That way you can creep Animated out on demand! -_-

I was searching for a Felt ringtone when she says “live strong” in one of the episodes. I thought this notification “leeeeehh” would be something funny. Nah, I just got reminded of how the sound creeped me out when watching the anime.

Sara is Missing Mobile Game

I honestly didn’t even want to search a picture for this game. It creeps me out that much. I watched Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and MattPatt on GTLive play through this game. I watched it multiple times due to the different ending possibilities. This game is about finding a missing phone and going through it to uncover secrets to who owns the phone and what situation they may be in. I don’t want to give too much away incase anyone is feeling brave. Honestly horror games don’t even scare me too much. During the whole year of Five Nights at Freddy’s fiasco, I became pretty numb to jump scares in games.  However, this game is a creepy type of scary. Their aren’t any jump scares (maybe one if you’re caught off guard), and actually the game is pretty interesting as it has you going through someone’s phone to find clues. The phone is centered around an IOS system of a phone, so it’s truly like your going through someone’s phone in real time. It makes the game pretty immersive and interesting. However, just the story and the way it unfolds makes you feel very creeped out. Again, I don’t want to spoil anything incase someone is very interested in the game. Be warned though, after watching multiple play-throughs of this game, it still creeps me out.

Well, after writing this and finding pictures to go along with each section, I’ve gone to my scaredy-cat ways! So I’ll stop here before I prevent myself from sleeping tonight. Especially finding pictures…

Like seriously, a SCARED anime face search resulted in like half results being a SCARY anime face.

Any who, that’s all for the first week of BOO-to-YOU postings! I’m hope you are enjoying the theme so far! I’m really happy I’ve kept to my schedule and plan to continue with it moving forward! Next BOO-to-YOU post will be on Thursday! Stay tuned!



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