BOO-to-YOU!: Going Pink!

BOO Animated World!

The BOO-to-YOU theme continues on Animated! However, like the month of October, this is going to be a dual theme post!

During October everyone is mainly focusing in on the Halloween theme. Very much so like we are doing on Animated with BOO-to-YOU. However, there is another very big theme that comes with the month of October. It wouldn’t be right to be celebrating October’s Month Theme on Animated with overlooking another big theme that goes along with the month.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

” October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same.”

While in the Halloween spirit, I also wanted to bring about awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness month. One of the coolest things I got to be a part of was racing at Disney with my Cross-Country team wearing pink. Disney’s Cross Country Classic is usually in October, so our team was given the opportunity to wear a pink cross-country team warmup shirt, pink headbands, and pink running socks. It was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in my running career. Ever since that race, I try to raise a little awareness how ever I can during the month of October. So I thought while BOO-to-YOU has been great fun on Animated, it’d be nice to share some of the October spotlight between Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness.

I’m not directly affected by Breast Cancer, however I have friends that very much are. I have a friend back from my Disney College Program who’s mother has been dealing with Breast Cancer and still is fighting it today.

This post’s purpose is to say, if you or someone you know is battling this disease, we’re with you in anyway we can be! And while the focus of the month should be on those fighting, it is also to raise awareness on detecting this disease. It is better to catch this disease sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, this post will most likely be the most I can do this year for awareness. I’ve always had a goal to do something bigger on Animated for awareness, such as a charity livestream or something of that nature. While it is only something small, I hope this post helps in someway raise some awareness!

If you’d like to learn more about Breast Cancer Awareness month, you can follow this link:

Unfortunately I don’t have any info on donation sites, but if I find any confirmed valid donation sites I’ll update this post with it!

Lastly, to keep this in the spirit of Animated, these two banners will be up on the header section flying for the rest of October alongside the BOO-to-YOU banners. Hope you like them!


Thanks for taking sometime to read this post!  More BOO-to-YOU coming your way on Sunday! Stay tuned!

Thanks again, think pink, and support the fight! 😉



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