BOO-to-YOU Finale!

Well, hello there!

Here holds quite the celebration, enter if you dare!

We’ve gathered here on this spooky night.

Not only for the fright,

but also the delight.

The Halloween Spirit is on full display.

The blog covered in orange and black today.

To close out this Month’s theme with a big, ‘Hooray!’

May you enjoy this Halloween night!

Give a friend a good ol’ fright!

But, make sure to keep your candy tight!

That way you can enjoy the holiday in full delight.

But still there is one thing left to do.

I’m sure you already have a bit of a clue.

It’s only been on here for a week or two.

Happy Halloween, and…


Thank you for an awesome month of October! It has been a lot of fun bringing the Halloween spirit onto Animated for our BOO-to-YOU theme! I hope you enjoyed the month on here as much as I did!

P.S: I’m not the best poet so go easy on me.. XD

Thanks again for an amazing month! Stay safe tonight, and Happy Halloween to you!



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