Ranking My Nintendo Switch Games (11-16)

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With the holidays, Black-Friday, and Cyber-Monday just around the corner, I’m sure many eyes will be on the Nintendo Switch! Whether that be buying the actual system for those who have held out or looking for deals on games for current owners of the system. My Switch game library has grown quite a bit since the March release date. I thought it’d be a perfect time to rank my current library of Switch games for those interested in buying the system or expanding their Switch game library. I currently own 16 game titles for the Nintendo Switch. This list, however, will not include my purchase of Skyrim on Friday. I thought it’d be unfair to readers to rank a game I would have literally just bought. So with that, here are my eleven thru sixteen ranked games I currently own for the Nintendo Switch!

16. Voez

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VOEZ, in no way is a ‘bad game.’ It’s only ranked here mainly because it is the game I’ve played the least on the Switch. Voez is a beautiful artistic rhythm game that utilizes the Switch’s touch screen. It is visually a very nice game and the music compositions are quite fantastic as well. However, it is more of game I play to unwind and relax. Objectives are given to you, such as pass five songs on a certain difficulty, that will reveal some of the story in journal postings or text messages. Other than that, you can use some points earned from completing objectives to try your chance at unlocking some character profile Icons. The game is priced at $25 currently. It is a great game to have to unwind and relax, however, I’d recommend to wait for the game to go on sale.

15. 1-2 Switch

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1-2 Switch had a bad rep even before the Nintendo Switch hit shelves. The main reason? The price tag. The game is currently priced at $49.99. My main compliant about the price tag is this is a very situational game. The game is fantastic if you have friends over that maybe want to try out the Switch. Heck, invite a couple friends over, gather around some beverages of your liking, and play in team battle. The game absolutely shines in this type of setting. However, it is really the only setting it will shine in. Unless you’re planning to be in this setting quite frequently, wait for a bundle or sale. I’d recommend for anyone who throws frequent Nintendo Switch parties.

Fun Tip: Adult Beverages, Teams of around 3-6 people, and costumes make this game hilarious. 🙂

14. Brave Dungeon + Dark Witch’s Story

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Another game like VOEZ where my only knock is I don’t play it enough. As you’ll see further down the list, the game is also up against some stiff competition. However, at price tag of only $8.99, you definitely get more than what you pay for. That’s because this is actually two games in one. Brave Dungeon is a turn-based RPG dungeon crawler and Dark Witch’s Story is a card battling game. For the small price tag, I’d definitely recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of turn based RPGs. It is a charming game to play through.

13. Fate/Extella

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This game really needs to take some notes out of Fire Emblem Warriors’ notebook. If Omega Force and Team Ninja ever teamed up to create a Fate game like Fate/Extella the game would be worthy of using a command seal to purchase it. Anyway, that’s for another post down the line (Spoiler Alert). I enjoyed Fate/Extella. However, I mainly enjoyed it because I’m a very big fan of the franchise. Like I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to drive two hours this weekend to go see Heaven’s Feel. The game overall is fun for the first arc, however can become a bit repetitive once you’re playing through the second arc. If you’re a big fan of the Fate series that is more going into the game to play your favorite servants, I’d recommend it. Anything more, I’d recommend you watch some gameplay to make sure the game is what you’re looking for. The game isn’t bad sort to say, just can become repetitive. Unless you don’t mind the repetitiveness because you’re playing through with different servants. In that case go for it!

12. I Am Setsuna

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Another game that just suffers from a lot of stiff competition on this list. I am Setsuna was a great game. However, it was a bit of a short game. I got through the main story in about 25 hours of gameplay. The game’s system is inspired by Chrono Trigger. So JRPG fans, I’d definitely look into this Square Enix game that is currently on the Nintendo eshop for $39.99. With the exception of some balance issues amongst the characters, the game is a great and emotional experience. I’d recommend to any fans of JRPGS or Square Enix in general.

11. Sonic Mania

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What a breath of fresh air this was for the Sonic franchise. Sonic Mania was exactly what the doctor (..not Eggman..) ordered, as the Sonic franchise was beginning to look a little…. blue…. (Sorry, for that. ;)) At the price tag of only $19.99, I’d recommend this game to any Sonic fans who own a Switch. Although chances are, you probably already have it. Sonic Mania brings me back to playing through Sonic games when I was a youngster on the PC. It gives you all the nostalgia along with a new and re-imagined experience. What makes it even better having this game on the Nintendo Switch? Having an old-style Sonic game on the go. The game was definitely a much needed homerun for the Sonic franchise.

That’s all for games eleven thru sixteen! Hope you enjoyed, and maybe one of these games will end up on your to-buy list! We start getting into some heavy hitters next time with games ranked from ten thru five!

Stay tuned! 🙂




  1. I don’t own a Switch, but have enjoyed Brave Dungeon and Sonic Mania on other systems. Shame that Dark Witch’s Story isn’t on 3DS. I look forward to seeing the rest of your list in the future.

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