Ranking My Nintendo Switch Games (6-10)

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The holidays are officially in full swing on Animated! As you can see, the blog went under some renovation yesterday to be themed towards the holidays! I definitely had a lot of fun decorating yesterday, and I hope the blog gives off some holiday vibe!

With the holidays, we’re all probably running around trying to get gifts. A hot commodity this holiday season will definitely be the Nintendo Switch and titles for the console. Nintendo had a crazy 5-month span of constant releases for the Switch. Splatoon 2 in July, Mario+Rabbids in August, Pokken in September, Odyssey and Warriors in October, Skyrim in November, and most recently Xenoblade Chronicles 2 at the beginning of December. It has been a crazy first year for the Nintendo Switch! I’ve been lucky enough to own quite a few of the major releases. So I thought with the holiday craze beginning, why not do a ranking of the Nintendo Switch games I currently own. If you missed my ranked games from 11-15, you can follow the link provided. If you’re all caught up, here are my rankings for 6-10!

* Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Skyrim will not be ranked since they were very recently released.*

10. Pokken Tournament DX

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So starting off the list at the tenth spot is the port over from WiiU, Pokken Tournament. This time around,  however, Pokken Tournament DX includes five new characters, daily challenges, ranked battles online, split screen local play, and three vs three set mode. For those wondering though, yes, this pretty much the same game as the WiiU version. I bought Pokken Tournament for WiiU when released and had quite a good time with it. During my play through of the WiiU version I beat the main story and played quite a bit online. Needless to say, I was pretty excited about this game being ported over to the Switch. I enjoy Pokken because it’s learning curve. It can be a bit frustrating, but very rewarding. It took me a while on the Switch version to be re-acclimated with my main, Pikachu. Also I’ve started working on my Braxen game. The main reason giving Pokken a notch over the other games previously ranked are the event group matches. Some what similar to ARM’s party crash, which we will get to shortly, group matches are basically special tournaments that have set dates with goodies given out at the end. Kind of like a mini splat-fest type of thing, for you Splatoon players. The special tournaments keep me coming back to Pokken so the small skills that I have don’t get rusty. 🙂 It is a great idea for keeping players coming back online onto Pokken. I’d recommend Pokken to any hard core fighting or Pokémon games. Just be prepared for the learning curve. Pick one Pokémon for the beginning and learn that Pokémon’s move set and combos very well. Once you get the hang of things with a character, and only then, try your luck with some online battling.

9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 

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Another port coming over from the WiiU. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe brings over the fun of Mario Kart 8 onto the Switch with all previous DLC, Splatoon’s addition to the cast, and a revamped battle mode. For those who skipped out on the WiiU and who now have a Switch, I’d definitely recommend this installment. For those Mario Kart fans that don’t mind buying Mario Kart 8 again with a couple add-ons in order to have the ability to play wherever, I’d recommend also. I’d say if you are on the fence, either wait for a sale or look into the game to assure you really want it, especially owners of the WiiU version. I hardly played the WiiU version. I probably totaled about five play hours on the game. I have over twenty on the Switch version simply because it feels like a new game to me. However, if you put a lot of effort into the WiiU version, you may feel like you’re playing the same game. Just be sure you know what you want vs what you’re getting. Other than that, it’s Mario Kart, your bound to have a great time playing!


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In the eighth spot of my list is one of Nintendo’s newest franchises, ARMS. In the first few days of playing ARMS, I was really into the game. However, after a while, it seemed to get a little stale. You were basically limited to a 10-match story or trying out online battles. Something must have clicked with Nintendo, however, because the updates to ARMS have been much more than just updates. Three new fighters, new stages, new modes, a new badge system, new stat pages, and most important a new party crash mode. ALL FOR FREE. It seemed at launch ARMS was a tad bit unfinished, however, Nintendo has compensated for this over the last few months. Again, ALL FOR FREE. The newest update to the game is party crash mode. A selected weekend is given certain fighters as the theme where you can score some serious currency for unlocking new arms, limited edition badges, and more goodies. ARMS continues to grow as a game, and hopefully will be solidified as a staple Nintendo franchise. As far as gameplay is concerned, I play with the Joy-Cons on the Joy-Con grip. I don’t have the reflexes or the memory to play with motion controls. However, I do have a friend that plays using motion controls and can more than hold his own online. So don’t be turned off by trying out the motion controls. They are a hell of a workout. I’d recommend ARMS to any Nintendo fans that are looking to immerse themselves in Nintendo’s newest franchise. If you don’t mind a short story and mainly playing online, ARMS is definitely for you.

7. Stardew Valley

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Ok I’ll just say this right now, if you’re a fan of Animal Crossing, do yourself a favor and get this game. The greatness of Stardew Valley that started on Steam has made its way onto the Nintendo Switch. I double dipped for this game. I originially owned it on Steam and once again bought it for the Nintendo Switch. It’s amazing what the simple pitch of portability can make a gamer due (..or dew in this case… ha..ha…sorry I digress…). Get your best overalls, best axe and watering can, and best stack of wheat ready! You can’t go wrong buying Stardew Valley for the Nintendo Switch, or any console/PC for that matter. You’re basically free to play as you’d like. Farm, fish, mine, raise animals, cook, combat slime balls, make friends with the townsfolk, and heck even get married in this game. You’re free to spend your day as you wish, just make sure you’re in bed by 2am. Though the game can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers, stay with it, the game will direct you as you go along. If you’re looking into the Switch for the holiday season, this game definitely has earned a spot on anyone’s Santa wish list.

6. Disgaea 5 Complete

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I’ll start this off by saying, this was the first installment of the Disgaea franchise I decided to play. Rounding out part two of my rankings is Disgaea 5. Plip. In my early gaming days with the Nintendo Switch, I was mainly playing Breath of the Wild and I am Setsuna. I quickly turned to Disgaea 5 once it released honestly because I wanted to play on my Nintendo Switch more. It was a franchise I had looked into when Disgaea 5 released on the other consoles, but I decided to wait out till its release on the Nintendo Switch. The best way I can describe this game is, it is like a cartoony Fire Emblem game with customizable characters and no perm-a-deaths. I quickly got immersed into Disgeae 5, easily totaling 60+ hours of gameplay by just Chapter 9. I still have almost half of the story to go still. (The game’s story is 16 chapters. Plip.) I’ll admit the plot of the story was somewhat slow at the beginning, however it picks up quite quickly. The character personalities are memorable and I love the ability to customize my army of different classed minions. I can’t recall the total number characters I’ve made that are named after anime characters. I’d definitely recommend Disgaea 5 to anyone with Switch, ESPECIALLY since it has been on sale since Black Friday! DOOD!

That wraps up my ranked games from 6-10! A lot of ports or rereleases on this part of the list. I’m hoping you’re enjoying the rankings and have some gift ideas now for the holiday season! Although you can’t go wrong with any games listed above, don’t rush out and start buying just yet! Stay tuned for my top 5 ranked Nintendo Switch games I currently own!




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