Interactive D&D Animated Trial #1 (Part 1 of 3)

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Greetings Animated World!

Welcome to my first go at an interactive D&D trial post!

I’ve been wanting to bring some D&D content onto Animated for quite sometime. I was originally going to write posts about campaigns I’m currently in. However, our group hasn’t played in quite some time. I also wanted to make it more interactive than just talking about events in a current campaign. So I decided to give a shot at the first D&D Animated trial post!

In this post, you’ll take the place of a character and decide the actions the character will take! So get those thinking caps on and your swords ready!

Here’s how it Works:

You’ll be given a scenario in which you can choose from four choice of actions. Based on your decisions, your character will encounter repercussions for the decision you make. They can be good, bad, and sometimes both. YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR CHOICE ONCE YOU HAVE DECIDED. However, if your character does not make it to the final scenario, you are free to try again. Their will be a total of 10 scenarios for this story. This first part, this post, holds the first three scenarios of this story. I will not be incorporating dice rolls for this scenario, but will think about implementing them for the future. This is more of a trial run… no pun intended.


– Your character has a total of 10 hit points.

– For this story your only weapon is an iron sword.

-You must choose a decision (A,B,C, or D) BEFORE scrolling down to the consequences. Immediately after the decision selection is a picture to separate the consequences for that scenario. If you want to play correctly, don’t read the consequences before making your decisions.

-If you’re character drops to 0 hit points, you will be deemed unconscious. You must be saved by another blogger or via an in story item. You won’t be losing this many hit points in this part so don’t worry. I’ll elaborate saving other bloggers in the next part to this story. If you drop below 0 hit points, you character has passed.

-Keep track of the repercussions of your decisions. These include items, de-buffs, buffs, and of course hit points. They will play a role in how your character’s story plays out.




While hanging around the local tavern in your village, a small sorcerer approaches you. She tells you a story of how she was practicing her magic outside of the village, when a man in a dark cloak snatched her spell book. The sorcerer chased the man with the cloak until he took refuge in an old manor. She asks for your help, (insert your character name here), to go into the manor to retrieve her spell book. She will reward you with gold and an enchantment to your iron sword upon success of your mission.

THUS THE TRIAL OF (insert your character name here) BEGINS!

  1. You’ve reached the manor that you’ve been tasked with going into to retrieve the sorcerer’s spell book. The manor doesn’t look welcoming, however, does not look overwhelmingly frightening either. The cloudy nature of the day and the gray skies heighten your senses. You stand at a fence with a gate before entering the courtyard. You notice the gate is open, as if someone were expecting you. You…

A. Smash a part of the fence open with your sword. Even though there was a perfectly good opening where the gate was.

B. Run through the gate! Screw it, you’re an adventurer!

C. Walk through the gate in a stealthy manner as not to bring any attention to yourself. Easy does it.

D. Wait and see if someone comes to greet you. They might have cookies…

See the source imageA. Hey… that actually wasn’t a bad idea! Better the fence take a hit than you taking a hit from that spell casted on the gate. I mean you totally noticed it right?….. Yea sometimes better to be lucky than good. You proceed through the courtyard. (Hopefully not damaging any more property on your way.)

B. Calm down there Eager Mcbeaver! Yes, you’re an adventurer, not immortal. What seemed obvious in your haste has come back to hurt you. You rush through the gate and take -1HP damage from the spell casted on the gate. Easy does it! You proceed through the courtyard.

C. Taking your time, you methodically work your way toward the gate. You give the gate a full glance over and realize a small spell circle trap. You decide it’d be best to not fiddle with dark magic and smash open another hole in the fence. You proceed through the courtyard.

D. You wait a small amount of time for someone to arrive. No one arrives, and you’ve waited so long that rain has begun to fall. You rush through the gate to avoid the downpour and take -1HP damage from the spell casted on the gate. Now you are not only wet walking through the courtyard, but also you’re hungry at the thought of what could have been cookies. (Debuff: Disadvantage in cold rooms.)

2) Nearing the end of your walk through the courtyard, you see what seems to be an entrance into the manor. Knowing your knowledge of spell traps now, you check thoroughly for any funny business. The entrance seems fine and you proceed into the manor. You are now standing in a dimly lit room. The only light emitted into the room is coming from a fireplace. There is no furniture in the room, however there is a portrait of a person above the fireplace. The room has no doors or windows. You…

A. Hit the walls with your sword to try to create an opening. It worked once already! Right?

B. Walk around the room and inspect the wall for any openings or knobs. Someone had to have come in to start the fire. Right?

C. Inspect the fireplace for any hidden levers or clues. Might as well not let this fire go to waste while you’re at it.

D. Inspect the portrait staring at you. The guy in the portrait is definitely giving you the ‘stank’  eye.

See the source image

A. You swing and slash the walls with your sword. Finally after sometime, a wall that was secretly a door opens. It seems you’ve also made someone aware of your presence. You proceed through the door to the next room. The door behind you closes. (De-buff: You no longer have the first strike in a battle.)

B. You walk around and inspect the room. After sometime, a wall that was secretly a door opens. You proceed through the door to the next room. The door behind you closes.

C. You walk toward the fireplace and inspect it for any clues. As you look around the fireplace, your body temperature begins to warm up. (You are no longer de-buffed if you chose choice D in the previous scenario.) After sometime, a wall that was secretly a door opens. You proceed through the door to the next room. The door behind you closes.

D. Although it looks creepy, you walk toward the portrait to inspect it. You see vaguely the word “behind” etched on the frame the picture is held in. You flip the frame and find a small key hanging from the same nail as the frame is hanging from. When you flip the frame back over, you notice the portrait is now completely black. A wall behind you that was secretly a door opens. You proceed through the door to the next room. The door behind you closes. (Buff: You’ve acquired a secret key!)


3) You now stand in a room with once again no doors or windows. The room is pitch dark until suddenly twelve candles magically light up one after another. You realize six gargoyle statues placed around the room with each one holding a candle in each palm. Sounds of the outside rain and lightning quickly fill the room. You…

A. Start swinging your sword mercilessly at all the gargoyle statues. No one is going to get a surprise attack off on your watch!

B. Walk around and inspect the gargoyles. Weird that the candles would just magically light up all the sudden.

C. Stand at the center point of the room equally distant away from any of the gargoyles. You wait patiently with your hand ready to draw your sword. Don’t make any sudden movements.

D. Inspect the candles on the gargoyles. You think one might be a lever, and try pulling it in the down position. Maybe another clue?

See the source image

That’s all for the first part of this trial!

Part two will be working its way onto the blog soon! For part 2 we’ll start bringing in saving other characters! If you enjoyed this little trial and test at some new content let me know! I’ll make sure to finish the parts sooner if you enjoyed this try at a new type of post! Also feel free to share how your character and you are fairing so far in this trial.

Feel free to keep a small character sheet to recount your hit points, decisions, buffs, and de-buffs.

See you in the next trial adventurer! 😉




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