Animated’s Holy Grail War Cast of Heroes (Part 1 of 3)

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I haven’t been shy of advertising that I’m a big fan of Type-Moon’s Fate series. After all, our Character of the Month is Ruler servant Jeanne d’Arc for January. I wanted to continue the theme of the Fate series on Animated for this month.

My favorite part of the Fate series is the servants. I love learning about the heroic spirit each servant resembles during the Holy Grail War. I thought it’d be fun to cast on the blog my own set of heroic spirits into an Animated Holy Grail War. It’d be a neat chance to talk about the Fate series as well as some heroic spirits I think would be adapted well into a Holy Grail War. Since there nine servants, these posts will be split into three parts. Each part will reveal three heroic spirts from different classes. Today, I’ll be sharing my picks for the Saber, Archer, and Caster servant classes. Let the Animated Holy Grail War spirits summoning begin!

Saber: Charles the Great (King of the Franks)

Noble Phantasm: Joyeuse

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Knight of the Sword and Heroic Spirit of the Sword. We start off our cast with the Saber class servant. The qualifying conditions for the saber class are the heroic spirits must have legends as knights of the sword, and are required to have the highest level of attributes in all categories with the exception of magic.  I’m going with Charlemagne, better known as Charles the Great, for our Saber class servant. Charlemagne is best known for being the Emperor of Romans as he united most of Western Europe for the first time since the Roman Empire. He was arguably the most powerful ruler in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. He and Emperor Nero (another saber class servant already in the Fate series) could have some interesting talks with each other. I mainly picked Charles the Great for the specific sword he wielded in battle. The Joyeuse (the name translates to joyous).  Being honest, this would be up there with Excalibur on coolest Noble Phantasms for me. The sword is made of parts from different centuries, that once consisted of heavily sculpted gold pommel and decorated diamond. Legend has also that Charlemagne actually lost the sword once. It’d be neat if when he was summoned he had to find Joyeuse first in order to use his Noble Phantasm. Wish for the holy grail? I’m not too sure what Charlemagne would wish for actually. Maybe to unite all nations similar to what he did with what once was the Roman Empire.

Archer: Cupid

Noble Phantasm: Arrows of Desire

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Knight of the Bow and Heroic Spirit of the Bow, the Archer class. Servants placed in the Archer class have the legend of possessing incredibly strong Noble Phantasms. The requirement for being an Archer class servant is the possession of powerful projectile weapons or an ability related to projectiles. Yup, Cupid fits this class perfectly. Especially with the legend of the Noble Phantasm. I’ll go into it straight away. Cupid’s Noble Phantasm is a limited quantity of arrows called Arrows of Desire. When Cupid shoots and connects one of these arrows with a servant, like it says, he’ll gain knowledge of what they desire. Meaning, he’d find out a servant’s wish for the holy grail and consequently learn their true identity. What’s the catch? The number of arrows he is able to shoot are equal to the number of servants participating. Cupid must land his shots. Also, these arrows have no effect on Ruler class servants since they have no desire for the grail to begin with. The god of desire could definitely have an upper hand in scoping out the competition early in the war. Wish for the holy grail? Might have to twist some backstory for it. Diana in mythology is a goddess who likewise carries a bow. However, Diana is a virgin goddess and hates Cupids passion-inducing arrows. Some poets oppose Cupid as an enemy of chastity and prefer Diana. Cupid’s wish, much like a wish people sometimes cross paths with in the game of love,  is the love of someone who doesn’t love him. Diana.

Caster: Edgar Allen Poe

Noble Phantasm: Nevermore

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Heroic Spirit of Spells and Sorcery, the Caster class. Ok honestly, out of all the servants on the list, this is the servant I’d absolutely love to see in a Fate series Holy Grail War. Edgar Allen Poe would be an awesome fit as a Caster class servant. Plus honestly, having a Noble Phantasm called Nevermore just sounds freakin’ awesome. Nevermore could be like a storm reality marble (Iskandar’s Noble Phantasm in Fate/Zero) of darkness and nightmares. Being a Caster class servant, he’d also have the ability of Territory Creation. This would alter his surrounding lands to help increase his magic’s effectiveness. Poe would also be able to summon ravens as familiars to maybe spy on other servants and masters. Nice little trick that could gather some vital information. Poe after all is generally considered the inventor of the detective fiction genre. Poe is best known for his poetry and short stores with regards as a central figure of Romanticism in the United States. I think Poe would have a nice motivation for the Holy Grail as well. He’d probably fight for the wish to bring back his loved one, Virginia Clemm.


Pretty interesting cast of servants we have so far! Next time, I’ll be sharing my picks for the Lancer, Rider, and Berserker class. Finally in the third part of this series, I’ll be sharing my picks for the Assassin class, Ruler, class and Avenger sub-class. Hope you enjoyed and are excited to meet the rest of the cast of heroic spirits! Stay Tuned!





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