Welcome to animated! Here is a quick description of some of the entry topics that will be used on animate-it!

Month Themes: Each month will have its own different theme on animated! Entries in other categories will mostly be geared toward the theme on the month.

Team of 5: Each month a team of 5 will be assembled based on the theme of the month. Characters will be announced on both Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Fresh-Blank Page: The main chapter for posts on animated! (For those who followed my previous blog, Bring On The Magic, this category is most like the Written Magic section.) Blank-Page segments can be both tailored and not tailored to theme of the month. However, most of them will follow the theme. Just like a blank page it’s a perfect place to spurt out ideas, opinions, and thoughts on various different topics!

A Fine-Point Review: These are personal reviews anything ranging from books, anime, video games, movies, or shows!

The Good, the Bad, the Animated: A review section reviewing events of the past week! The Good– being good news from the week. The Bad– being bad news from the week. The Animated– my favorite news from the week! Usually posts will either be on Saturday or Sunday!

Freshly Sketched: Any ongoing news about anything animated!

Animated Himself: These entries will be about getting to know me! I’ll share some thoughts and experiences I have with some animations in my life! It’s going to be a fun way to connect directly with the community!

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