Hi! It’s been awhile!

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Hi! It’s been awhile!

First off, I hope everyone has been doing well. Hopefully all things blogging and all things outside of your blog have been going well!

I’ve had a strange motivation to write a post today. It finally took me two hours before midnight to get on here and decide to go through with it. This morning I finished the anime Beyond the Boundary, and caught myself thinking about the blog. I was actually thinking of an idea of a post for the blog. For the first time in just a little under four months a small spark about a blog post came to mind. I haven’t completely kept animated out of my thoughts these past four months, but for the first time in a while I received a little spark to blog. I’m not sure if I’ll end up writing my Beyond the Boundary post, but I think this small post right now is a small step toward it.

I’d love to be able to say following all this ” and with that animated is back!” However, it’d be a promise I can’t keep right now. It does though feel great to be back on with a spark of motivation.

With that being said, the decision of how much I’ll be blogging in the future is not my main point of writing this.

My main point in writing this is simply to say hi again. So with that…

HI! XD It’s been a while! I hope you have been well, and hope you continue in pursuing whatever it is that your mind is set on!

Wishing you the best always,


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