Animated Talks: We’re Live!


Hey Animated World!

I know I’ve been writing a lot of Animated Talks posts lately. Sorry, these posts aren’t really planned for and I mainly write them up when something is on my mind. This is probably my last Animated Talks post for the month because I know I have somethings to get to for the Animated Celebration.


Yesterday I felt like trying my hand at broadcasting some Overwatch last night. Only problem was I hadn’t played Overwatch for about a week. Also, I’m still quite a bit microphone shy. So I took to my smurf Overwatch account (which I will have more details in a later post about but if you would like to add my second PSN account it is Kitsume6), started up mystery heroes, and started knocking off a little bit of Overwatch rust. I’ve come to realize sometimes sitting out a couple days from a game can really re-energize you when you return back to it. I was having a blast! Of course I wasn’t playing competitive so the pressure was off, but still I was really enjoying the game last night. So after about an hour I thought, ah what the heck. It’s Friday night, I’m bored, I’ve been really wanting to try out all this broadcast stuff out, and I’m having a great time playing Overwatch. Let’s Do This!

I switched over to my main account (the one I use in all my videos) and started setting up all the broadcast settings. I’m really surprised at how easy PlayStation has made it to broadcast gameplay. It only took about 5-10 minutes to get all the settings down. So with a click of a button,


….Kind of…. XD

I knew it was my first time broadcasting. I knew I’d microphone shy. I knew this was probably going to be a bit awkward the first time. But, I knew I really wanted to do this.

I ended up going live around Midnight. However, I didn’t put out that I was live just yet. I used the entire first hour of being live practicing. I practiced talking into the microphone. I practiced commentating on my gameplay. Yes, I even practiced some jokes.. XD

By about the 45minute mark, I noticed I was starting to talk the way I usually talk with my friends in a PlayStation party. It did help at the beginning of my broadcast one of my friends started watching so I was able to comfortably talk for about 10 minutes.

At the one hour mark, I decided alright I think things are going well. So I tweeted that I was live. I was a bit nervous at first despite the practice. However, once our match started I got back into my rhythm of commentating. I think the stream ended up getting like 8 views which was honestly 8 more viewers were going to view.

I ended the broadcast thinking, ” wow that was really fun.” It was to be live and commentating Overwatch. But, I think what was most fun, was that one hour of overcoming a few fears of shyness.

I wouldn’t recognize myself as a beginner yet. I still have plenty, plenty, plenty to learn before I’ll consider myself a beginner in broadcasting games. But last night was a step outside the box. Stepping outside the comfort zone really made me realize just how much I found broadcasting fun.

I will probably continue doing this for a bit. When I can, I’ll go live to practice broadcasting more. When I feel like I’ve become comfortable enough, I want to make it a new element to bring onto the blog. Maybe even video a couple vlogs as I get more comfortable on a microphone. Maybe even reach the ultimate goal of one day being able to do a charity livestream.

AH, It’s exciting to think about! But plenty work needs to be done.

SO! Feel free whenever I’m live to come stop by. It will mainly be me practing for now. By all means, feel free to leave feedback if you join one of these practices. Anything from commenting on something you like to something you dislike is valuable feedback! If I get to a point that I feel comfortable I’ll start to schedule broadcasts so everyone knows when these broadcasts are happening. Till then, repetition is the mother skill!

Anyways, I was really excited and felt like talking about going live the first time!

Time to get back to these Top 10 lists! That’s all for this sketch!




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